Part Three

The third installment in our five-part series from Daniel, who is presently working on a custom build using nothing but duct tape and titanium safety pins.

6.  Wood screws and hose clamps to hold a water bottle cage.

(The screw is backed out here for illustration purposes.) When I started doing longer summer rides in my youth, I realized that I was in need of a water bottle, yet my bike did not have a cage to hold one on.  Similar bikes I saw had holes screwed into the frame that the bottle mounted on.  I was able to drill the holes yet the machine screws I had did not fit into the frame.  Rummaging around the garage brought up wood screws that fit and since they disappear into the frame no one was the wiser when the bottle was installed.  When I purchased a better bike in 2007, I did not want to drill into the frame, so I used some automotive hose clamps with, of course, rubber inner tubes behind them for protection.

5.  Electric wire for securing small items.

I needed something that would secure items to a rear rack and I didn’t have any small bungee or Velcro straps; I found some electrical wire lying around and it is tough enough to be bent and twisted around.


One response to “Part Three

  1. I too use hose clamps to hold my water bottle cage on my Frankin-Spirit. (Free Spirit Sunbird with a bunch of miss matched parts.) I always enjoy seeing these new posts pop up. I can only imagine what will come next.