Part Two

The second installment in our five-part series from Daniel, who’s in the market for a pair of open-toed carbon clipless race shoes.

8. Build a stand to keep the handlebars off the ground.

When I flip the bike over in lue of a whole bike stand, I wanted something to keep the brake cables on my ten speed from being bent and possibly snapped off at the levers.  Ergo I built a stand that helps to stabilize the bike when it’s being worked on, plus it helps keep the cables from the stress of being bent sitting on the ground.

7. Use of old rubber inner tubes for protection.

(The pencil points to the rubber strip.) There have been times when I wanted to mount something (like a bell or a horn) and I didn’t want to mar my paint or chrome.  Dave C. turned me on to using a piece of old rubber inner tube (for those of us who don’t run tubeless tires you should have some lying around) as a protective barrier between the paint of the frame and the roughness of the clamp. Cut to the right size no one will know they are there unless they look for it.


4 responses to “Part Two

  1. PS Let’s keep the comments about the rubber inner tubes and protection to a minimum please, I’m guessing the mods. want to keep the blog rated G, or at least PG

  2. Being in the construction trade, I am proud of the Bike stand. lol I need to make me up one of those to use up at College. I will have to keep a lookout for the open toed clipless shoes. lol

  3. Some links you might like. I find all sorts of stuff on sites like these that give me ideas…

  4. Like the idea for the stand. We need some good ideas for bike repair stands for Re-Bicycle Lenawee.