Evie Stevens

OK, I don’t follow professional bicycle racing very closely at all, but I do watch it a little, and my interest is steadily (but mildly) growing. So I’ve decided that Evie Stevens will be my new favorite racer (in women’s cycling). Why? Well, because she has the same name as my oldest daughter.

Cycling News has a nice little introduction. So does Bicycling. And of course there’s more on the HTC Highroad website.

Now, while I’m excited about Evie, I’m not necessarily a fan of HTC-Highroad, and I’m definitely not a fan of Mark Cavendish. (Though, I’m not exactly sure why, because he is mad fast, and it’s quite a rush to watch him sprint.)

So, why a post about racing on this blog? (Granted, it’s not the first one, but I’ll admit it’s a rare occurrence. Then again, the blog does claim to be about all things cycling, no matter the bike, or style, or speed.)

Honestly, I’m just looking for something bike-related to read and talk and get excited about. The winter’s just getting underway, and I miss riding. I still get out, but not like I do in warmer weather. During these short days and long months, there are wrenching projects and news feeds about pro teams gearing up for the new season. But when I can’t get out and ride a bunch, all I want to do is buy more bikes and parts and gear, which is sure to get me in trouble if I’m not careful.

What are you doing to pass the time?


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  1. What I’m doing to pass the time right now is trying to straighten the wheels out on my sting ray w/out the aid of a stand. It can be done, just not as easy. (I’ve never trued up a wheel in a stand so I guess I have nothing to compare it to.) Truing wheels is a whole lot easier than trying to get them back-in-round, which is what I’m tackling right now.

    I miss riding too.

  2. I don’t envy you trying to get a wheel back in round. There’s a professional Park Tool stand at the co-op. Good luck!

  3. I find myself looking at the local weather channel about once or twice a day in hopes of finding a 35+ degree day (New Years Day was such a tease at 50). I’ve also started to curtail my diet in hopes of losing some lbs before the real season starts. But listen to how pathetic or desperate this is; just yesterday during my lunch break I decided to drive the 18 mile route I ride sometimes when the weather is nicer. All the while I was driving I’m making mental notes in my head like, “you need to take this hill slower” or “take advantage of this descent before the next hill” and “mmm, not much shoulder here”. *sigh* I wonder what it’s like to live in the sunbelt?

    • Ha ha ha. That’s brilliant. I suppose we’ll all be glad we don’t live in the sunbelt come July. But wintering in the sunbelt doesn’t sound too shabby. How many years to retirement?

  4. Need another reason to make Evie Stevens your new favorite racer … check out her choice of bicycle manufacturers:

  5. Scott says- “But when I can’t get out and ride a bunch, all I want to do is buy more bikes and parts and gear, which is sure to get me in trouble if I’m not careful.”

    Brother, I feal your pain, as does my wife…

  6. @Bjll- I would, but I’m not sure when the shop is open. I was able to get them dialed in all right (better than they were) for now, maybe do them better another day.

  7. clearly this calls for a new blog segment, called “what would evie do?”

    you can judge whether we’re asking opinions from a bicycle racer or a four year old.