Fresh Reading

Check out the belated Christmas gift from my folks (pictured here with my computer just before I reset it for 2011).

I’m rarely a fan of biographies, but I’m finding this one quite enjoyable so far. Unlike so many thread-worn biographies (e.g., “So-and-so was born in humble circumstances on a farm in western Kentucky, but later went on to become the first universal Prime Minister of the United Federation of Aligned Planets…,” etc.), Tour de Lance follows the 2009 Tour de France (i.e., the one made famous by Lance’s return from retirement, among other things), in rich detail, and then intersperses those chapters with more conventional (but hardly trite) biographical fare. Best of all, it’s written by someone who is both a fan (of bikes, of cycling, of the Tour, of racing generally, and of Lance) and a skilled writer (former editor of Bicycling magazine, Bill Strickland).

Of course, extracurricular reading is just what I need one week before the spring semester gets underway. Look for a full review whenever I manage to finish reading it.


2 responses to “Fresh Reading

  1. I have been reading “Metal Cowboy” by Joe Kurmaskie, generously loaned to me by Jim. I’m not much of a reader compared to many, but I am truly enjoying this books many laugh-out loud moments and tear-jerker’s too.
    Another from a while back, so it’s probably woefully out of date now was “Bike Cult” by David Perry. It’s one of those bike reads you can just start reading anywhere in the book. It chock full of bike related goody’s …

  2. I’ve been reading “The all new complete book of Bicycling” by Eugene A. Sloane circa 1979 that Bjll let me borrow. Great book!