Enter 2011

Happy New Year everyone. I hope last year ended on a good note, and that this one is off to a fine start.

Last year, around this time, I pledged to do the following in 2010:

  • Tally 3500 miles.
  • Ride in two tours.
  • Participate in three charity events.
  • Ride two centuries.

I am very happy to say that I managed to accomplish all but the second. My mileage for the year (officially, i.e., actually showing on the Cat Eye) cleared the 3500 mark. I participated in Tour de Cure, the Hospice of Lenawee Run, Walk, and Bike event, and the ACDC Ride. And I chalked up centuries while on PALM (the one tour I got to ride) and in October for the second annual Nutty Bar 100. Not too shabby.

Personal milestones are definitely fun to pursue and reach. But, last January, I also wrote:

Although it will be more difficult to quantify, I really hope we’ll see in Adrian throughout the coming year more and more people on bicycles, whether for transportation or for sport. I hope with that will come increased awareness and support for bicycle infrastructure. The two go hand in hand, each resulting in more of the other. I know I’m not the only one who would like to see this, and I’m confident that it can happen. Momentum is building. Pedal on.

How did we do on that one? It wouldn’t be fair for me alone to say, but here are a few highlights. You be the judge.

First, the Maple Wheelers’ rides on Monday and Wednesday nights consistently saw double-digit turnouts.

Second, the ACDC Ride marked its third year with 52 riders, who helped raise over $800 for the Associated Charities of Lenawee County.

Third, and best of all, by far, we saw the formation and launch of the Re-Bicycle Lenawee Co-op. What began as an exciting idea bandied about in email and over coffee now looks like this:


The well-lit, well-heated, well-stocked workshop space.

The service counter at the front door.

Future community room and various sources of inspiration.

More bikes in waiting.

And this past Wednesday, a local homeless man spent an hour inside, getting warm, working on his bike (his primary mode of transportation), helping himself to whatever bits and pieces and tools he needed to make his repairs and adjustments, and taking advantage of the collective wisdom of those present whenever he had trouble with something.

So, what’s in store for 2011? Personally, I’m going for…

  1. 4,000 miles;
  2. Two tours (GOBA and a LMB sponsored peregrination);
  3. Three charity events (and along with that, I want to see double the number of riders at the 4th annual ACDC Ride and twice the amount of money raised for Associated Charities); and
  4. Four centuries, one of which might be the One Day Ride Across Michigan. (How else am I going to tally 4,000 miles?)

Wish me luck.

Collectively? Who knows. Momentum always has the potential to escalate exponentially, and this year we’re beginning with a full head of steam already up and running. I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing how things unfold. All things bikes and bicycling are on the rise in Lenawee County.

What are your bike-related plans, goals, and dreams over the next twelve months?


4 responses to “Enter 2011

  1. I wish I had half your ambition Scott! Rest assured though that you, along with others in your cycling circle, have had quite an impact on me, and as such I did far more in 2010 than I would have on my own.
    One of my goals is to become a regular rider again, if not on your rides with the fast folks, then to hang with a slower group of no less enthusiastic riders.
    I also have very high hopes for the RBL to grow its clientele and become recognized throughout the area as a social bike headquarters, spreading the gospel of human powered transportation and helping change lives.

  2. “Third, and best of all, by far” … I would totally agree with this assessment. Having the privilege of touring the Co-op while out visiting my brother, I was very impressed with what has been accomplished in just a short period of time. High praises to everyone who helped turned that idea into a reality. I mentioned to Scott while we were looking around how interested I am to find out what the place will be like a year from now.

    • Looking at the pictures the shop sure looks like a “PROFESSIONAL BIKE SHOP” . I sure hope to participate when I get back this spring and I hope it can turn into a place to socialize and learn from. and maybe even get more folks involved in riding Those that want fast groups and those that want slower groups. .I think some real good can come out of this for everyone that wants to get involved . Did I hear somebody say that Scott had a birthday?

  3. I know the maple wheelers got two of us out on our bikes a whole lot more than we (or at least I) was planning on riding this summer. 2011 is going to be a great year!