in search of another tour

I’m passing on PALM this year so I can try something new. I’m riding GOBA instead. As excited as I am about being part of such a huge event (GOBA draws in the neighborhood of 3,000 riders), I really like the intimacy and low-key feeling of smaller events like PALM, which has a 750-rider limit. Moreover, I love Michigan and the LMB.

So I’m hoping (which means I’m begging and pleading and plotting and trying to get permission) to add another LMB tour this year. I’m torn between two options, and I’m wondering which you would choose.

1. The 25th Annual Shoreline West Tour. This tour runs in august, and of the three routes being offered, the six-day option is most likely the best fit and the most doable for me. The 6-day option covers 343 miles, beginning at New Buffalo and finishing at Traverse City. The ride is limited to 500 participants.

2. The 10th Annual Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Tour (MUP). This tour runs in July, and covers 334 miles over six days, beginning and ending at St. Ignace. The ride is limited to 150 participants. Judging from the comments at the bottom of the registration page, it seems to attract riders from well beyond Michigan’s borders.

I need to keep researching both rides and thinking about what I want to get out of this. Of course, scheduling is a consideration also. But any thoughts from people more familiar with the state than I would be much appreciated.

Going the Distance

Meanwhile, I’ve toyed with the idea of seeing if I could complete RAIN, the one-day ride across the state of Indiana (roughly 160 miles). I honestly don’t know whether I could pull it off.  So I’m thinking of trying ODRAM, One Day Ride Across Michigan, which is a few miles shorter. (Here’s a link to last year’s event.)

Taking on a challenge like this with one or more chums in tow can be tricky. In order to successfully complete something of this nature (is it possible to unsuccessfully complete something?), you’ve got to be able to go about it in your own way (e.g., in terms of pace and all the rest). That means, if you’re going to ride with others, you need to be fairly evenly matched and of the same mind with regard to ride strategy and all the rest.

That being said, it would be really nice to  tackle this with one or two of my cronies. Anyone out there interested? If no one wants to ride it with me, what are the chances one or two of you want to provide SAG for me?


4 responses to “in search of another tour

  1. OK, thanks for all the terrific feedback everyone. Ha ha. I sent in my registration today for the MUP Tour. I hope I’ve made a good call. Stay tuned…

  2. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the West or the MUP Tours. We obviously would love to have you ride with us this year! LMB office: 517-334-9100 Happy New Year!

  3. If you are ever in Georgia try the Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). It is different every year and takes a few days.