Santa’s Panniers

So, did anyone get anything velo-ciferous for Christmas? Bob got a new bike. Check it out.

Bob's New Newest

I didn’t find anything under my tree from faithful and adoring “Hadrian on a Bicycle” readers. I’m sure it was just an unintentional oversight. It’s certainly understandable amidst all the busyness of the last few weeks. No worries. If you’d still like to give me something, just let me know, and we’ll make arrangements.


10 responses to “Santa’s Panniers

  1. Santa brought me some sweet flag valve caps, a rain cover for my brooks, and an insulated water bottle. I also received some $$ that I plan on putting towards my bike stuff. Hope your Christmas was/is great.

  2. Merry Christmas all! I scored some stainless steel fenders, a pair of panniers that have been re-purposed from old canvas and leather Swiss Army ammo bags, and two retro Schwinn t-shirts. Scott, you didn’t get those aero bars I sent??

  3. Santa told me to buy whatever bike stuff I wanted, and the voices in my head are always right. However, my wife says that I’m in purchasing, but she’s in finance so I need to stop now. I’m just glad I held on to some nice parts through the years waiting for a frame to hang them on. If you liked the Browning, you’ll love the Panasonic soon to be revealed.

    I got everyone a gift to be used at the RBL. It’s on the wall by the tools in the plastic box, and I suspect it will come in handy…

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all now go ride!

  4. OK, here’s the result of several enjoyable hours in the basement last night:

  5. Found a Brooks saddle under my tree.

  6. @Dave- those fenders and panniers fit that bike real nice. @John- best kind of seat to find!