hills and curves

All I’ll say is that you had to be there in order to fully appreciate my post title, which, believe it or not, is perhaps one the most astute and succinct bits of social commentary qua theory of everything I’ve ever heard.

So, while you were on the couch, the Maple Wheelers were kickin’ it taco style one last time at the twilight of the season.

Daniel showing everyone what the photo on his drivers license looks like

what things might have looked like after going over the handlbars. of course, our mad riding skills are far too deft for that.

glinski strikes a contador

the last time we were in Bill's rearview

code name: Bob's-a-blur

Mark and his amazin' technicolor dream jersey

I thought we were riding into the sunset, but it turned out to just be Mark. (I can get away with saying stuff like that because he doesn’t read the blog. Otherwise, he’d probably kick a stick into my spokes.)

All pics courtesy of Bill the Great, leader of rides and a prince among … well, those of us who ride together, whatever we are. Thanks, Bill.

Prior to the celebratory beers and tacos, the ride concluded with an inglorious ascent up a beast of a climb on Rome road, just before you reach Geneva Highway if heading east from Townley Highway. Some thought it worse than Wilmoth; others thought it less so. Either way, thanks to Marisa egging everyone on, we all tackled it, and that ensured an equal share of grimaces and grins.


4 responses to “hills and curves

  1. Thanks to everyone for letting me ride with the group this summer. I’ve had a blast. 🙂

  2. Thank you for letting me ride with u guys also. I too had a blast. I cant wait till next year when I get to ride again. Ya dont need a helmet, just a Cycling Cap and ur good to go. lol

  3. What’s a hel-met? Never heard of one.