Momentum is really building with the Adrian College Cycling Club (ACCC).

Among other things, the club just helped push through a move to get additional bike racks ordered and placed around all of the academic buildings on campus. We’re meeting every other Tuesday evening, and putting together club rides whenever we can.

We’re still trying to assemble a couple of pedal-powered blenders we can use to make smoothies to sell as a fundraiser. I have the blenders. If you can help with assembly, let me know.

In case anyone is unclear, I’m the old, relatively ugly fellow toward the middle, the one with the bald spot.

If you’re interested, there’s an article about us in this week’s edition of the student paper (The College World). And if anyone is free and would like a chance to interact with club members and college alums over the course of a very easygoing ride out-and-back on the bike path, we’re hosting the first annual Bulldog Ride on Homecoming weekend. Click here for further details.


6 responses to “A-Triple-C

  1. I’d like to visit one of your Tuesday evening rides, can you provide directions or even better, a map to the Caine Student Center please?

  2. Cool program going on at A.C. Why don’t I see Dave with his spitfire lifted over his head? 😛

  3. So are we getting a bike rack at the library? That would be awesome.

  4. Now that you mention it I do have a hard time finding somewhere to lock up when I ride over to Shipman.

  5. Great job! Being a season ticket holder for AC Football, I am looking forward to the 20K ride during Homecoming. Strong advocate groups on the local campus are critical to building the bicycle freindly culture we want to see in Lenawee County. Plus, great pictures and great times!!! Ride far, with joy, and be safe…

  6. how did I miss that banner you have hanging from your table?