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As much as I hate to admit it, for some strange reason, every time I hear the word “fifty” it conjures up images in my head of Molly Shannon in that Saturday Night Live skit where she auditions for something or other and shouts, “I’m fifty!” each time she nearly breaks her neck trying to pull off some outrageous physical effort. It’s quite a disturbing image, to be honest.

But today’s “fifty” conjures up an altogether different — an infinitely more pleasant — image: that of a fellow cyclist checking off a seasonal mileage goal. Two weeks ago, with the encouragement and support of Doug and Spencer, Amy rode fifty miles. The distance was a notable feat in its own right, but she did it on a day with sustained winds in the mid-teens, riding a route that took her due west for the space of roughly ten miles. Nice work, Amy. Congratulations.

the not-so-gentle breeze

Here’s the ride report, in her own words…

So, we did it, and thanks to Doug leaving the maps at home, and us having to back-track to get them, we did 57 miles!  The wind was totally relentless;  I’ve never worked so hard to go 12 mph.  But then that made me even more proud that we went out there and accomplished what we did.  It was me and Spencer and Doug, and I (as usual) learned a ton from them;  I’m very grateful for their patience with me learning the sport.  The best picture was a beautiful surprise for me:  I was anxious in the morning knowing the wind and chill would be a challenge, and on my way to Tecumseh there was a rainbow that I was able to take a snapshot of.  Most people, asleep, never knew it was there.  After that, my confidence improved, and I was ready to head into the wind.

The route was great, although I won’t lie, the wind on Gorman was really really hard.  But the conditions today were exceptional (in a bad way);  likely next weekend they will be calm.  We did do the route in full, and you’ve done a wonderful job with it.  Very little traffic, fully paved roads, and the fall sky today was spectacular (thanks for that!)

I admit that this feat took a much greater toll on my body than the 3 mile swim I did a few weeks ago.  At this point, I can’t imagine doing a century ride (although, of course that will be on my list for next year!)

over the rainbow

dark skies

Doug and Spencer

preparing for the worst

ominous weather



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  1. I have often said that I would gladly ride all day in the rain than ride an hour into a head wind, even with a windshield on a recumbent. I guess I just don’t want to work so hard for my free ride…
    Great accomplishment guys, I wish I had your dedication!