Today marks the end of August. School’s back in session. The day’s are getting shorter. My morning commute is increasingly chilly. And in anticipation of winter projects, I’ve been puttering around in my garage, taking stock of my gear, and surfing the web searching for bits and pieces, inspiration and guidance.

I was talking recently with a local rider who is making concrete plans to take an epic ride on Labor Day weekend so she can cross a certain distance off her bicycling bucket list. That has got me thinking about milestones. I remember when I first began riding a few summers ago, I was so excited about hitting a certain (looking back, quite pitiful) distance that I made it my email password for the next few months.

In January, I posted my New Year’s Revolutions. I’m pleased to say that, come mid-October, barring anything unforeseen, I will have completed my second century and my third charity ride. I’m not going to get a second tour in this year, and the verdict is still out on the mileage goal. I hit 2400 miles on a ride home from campus last week 2500 miles on the ride into campus this morning, leaving me with just under 1100 1000 to go before year’s end. It’s going to be close.

So what about you? Have you reached any milestones this season? What were they?


8 responses to “milestones

  1. Funny, Sept 1st is a milestone for me too. I am beating my riding goals of weekly distance and frequency, but I am riding alone too much. I have been getting out at 5 am so it’s cooler to ride and I OWN the two lane before the sun comes up. It’s even safe to get off the trail at Curtis and ride boldly into Adrian cruising past the State Police and Spotted Cow. I dread cold weather and snow as I am forced off the bicycle until March or the occasional freak opportunity in February. I was lusting after a carbon fiber Cannondale Synapse in Alma last weekend. I will have that bicycle when I drop the last 40 lbs.

  2. I didn’t really set any milestones per se, but I find solitude in the fact that I 1)”joined” a bike club, 2) was accepted for who I was and what I ride in the said bike club, 3) able to keep up with the others on the rides and 4) keep up the rides on my 2 speed. Making new acquaintances is awesome.

    Getting out and doing more rides is another milestone too.

  3. @Jim: You?! Lusting after a carbon fiber road bike?! I’m aghast. In any event, we’ve got to find more ways of connecting riders, and, in so doing, of providing a greater range of options with respect to pace and distance.

    @Daniel: Wait a minute; what gave you the idea that you’ve been accepted? I’m not sure half the guys riding with that group are accepted (or even acceptable, for that matter). I jest, of course.

  4. I’m hoping to reach a nice milestone any day now. My youngest son is ready to ditch the training wheels! I’m excited to be able to take family rides on the trail and around town.

  5. That’s awesome. Maybe before long, he can join us on a group ride.

  6. the only real milestone I have, or goal rather, is to own a road bike (doesn’t need to be fancy and awesome like the one Jim is lusting after 🙂 ) and I’m still saving to afford the ” el cheapo’ walmart kind (GMC Denali road bike) Though I saw the Re bicycle article here and on one of the Daily Telegram papers and might look there. my steel city modded mountain bike works but with something lighter and more suited to my riding style I will be able to ride more than just to/at/from work.

  7. You should definitely drop by the co-op once it’s up and running, and you should keep posting here about what it is you’re in the market for. I know there are local riders and readers with well-cared-for but under-ridden, quality bikes, and you might find someone willing to part with one. You might also see what’s available on craigslist and at the bike shop in Morenci. C&W Cycle carries a lot of used bikes at great prices, and the owner has a strong reputation for doing very good work.

    I’m absolutely certain you can get a lot better bike for comparable money than going the Walmart route.

  8. Used bikes? Yes. C&W? Yes. C&W quality? Yes. Craigslist? Yes. Wal-mart? Nooooooooooooooooooooo…………….