live billboard

Help! Matt needs work! It appears that our LBS is cutting costs and keeping their mechanic busy by forcing him to face public ridicule by riding his bike on a trainer set atop a specially built platform in front of the shop. He’s become a living billboard! Pray God he doesn’t fast become a livid billboard, sitting out there baking in the sun and going nowhere. Oh the humanity! Give the poor guy a book already.

Cyclists face ridicule enough as it is, clawing for a pitiful little strip of space along the mean streets of Adrian and the back roads of Lenawee County. But now, one of our own has been hoisted upon a pedestal, as it were, like a god to fellow cyclists, perhaps, but like a shameful illustration of the dark fantasies filling the minds of all the cagers motoring up and down Main St.

Please stop by and help him pass the time with a little conversation. Better yet, find something for him to fix so he can go back inside.


2 responses to “live billboard

  1. man, I wish I had those legs. what great fun matt!

  2. maybe Matt could do some stumping for the ACDC ride while he’s up there. Maybe Wendy could run her spinning class from up there. That’s what it feels like in class. She’s on this pedestal looking down on us peons.