doggin it

The silver lining of all the hassle I’ve been getting about not posting for more than a week is that it means I actually have faithful readers. Thanks. Sincerely. And sorry for going missing of late. I would attempt to offer an explanation, but I haven’t the time, and neither do you, and it would be tedious for all of us besides.

Here, then, are some updates.

  • After missing the last two Maple Wheeler outings, I joined last night’s ride from Blissfield to Ottawa Lake and back, and I’m glad I did. (Bill, by the way, swears that there is, in fact, an Ottawa Lake — the question was posed by a number of the riders — but none of us saw any evidence of it.) Ten or eleven riders turned out, which included a healthy contingent of classic Schwinns — three to be exact. So now our group consists of both old riders and old bikes. (Don’t worry! There are plenty of youngens on spiffy new models, too! Some of which, rumor has it, insisted on a sprightly pace on Monday night’s ride. Glad I wasn’t being forced to keep up.) Anyway, a good time was had by all, as usual. I’m going to miss these group ride comes winter.
  • Speaking of old Schwinns, some of you may have noticed that I’ve become a Twitter geek. (Many of you already thought of me as a twit, so perhaps it isn’t too large a leap.) One of my followers (what an uncomfortably messianic image), recently purchased this sweet blue Fuji. If you’re one Facebook or Twitter, drop by and offer him your thoughts on what he should do with it.
  • I met yesterday with various individuals involved with the Re-Bicycle Lenawee and Adrian Bicycle Co-op project. I am pleased to report that the conversation was very productive and that real work is getting underway. That is to say, we’re moving beyond the “dreaming out loud” stage and into the formation of an Advisory Board, naming a fiduciary,  organizing management and operations teams, identifying potential funding resources, drafting tasks lists, recruiting volunteers, and collecting materials and shop equipment — yeah, it’s on now. There is a Bike Drive scheduled for Friday, September 10, as part of Lenawee United Way’s Day of Action. Pick up is available. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Ms. Lisa Riley (517-265-5352).

In terms of upcoming local rides and events…

  • The BikeWorks in Sylvania sponsors the “Hudson 100” on Sunday, September 5. This is a free event, and it cuts right through Lenawee County. The first rest stop, in fact, is in Blissfield. If time permits, I’d like to ride this. Anyone else interested?
  • Don’t forget about the 3rd annual ACDC Ride on Saturday, September 11. We’ve gotten a little behind on the planning, but I’m still hoping for 150 riders, plus however many non-riding participants. This is going to be a terrific event. Registration and sponsorship forms will be available here soon, and I will get route maps posted also.
  • Anyone here familiar with the Hancock Horizontal Hundred ride sponsored by the Hancock Handlebars Club of Findlay, OH? It’s on Sunday, September 12, and it boasts of being one of the flattest centuries available. My uncle, who lives in Piqua, OH, has invited me to ride this with him this year, and I would very much like to do so. He hasn’t ridden much this season, so we’ll probably only do the 62-mile option, and we’ll likely take our time with it. Perhaps some of you would be interested, too.
  • Any Adrian College alums out there? The Adrian College Cycling Club (ACCC) is sponsoring the 1st Annual Bulldog Ride on Homecoming Weekend. The ride is on Saturday, October 2. It’s free for alums and only $8 for those not affiliated with the College. This will be an easy-breezy ride. Admittedly, it’s probably not of much interest to readers of this blog (you know, since you’re all so hardcore and whatnot), but it doubles as a fundraiser for our club. So please give some thought to supporting it. Click here to download a registration form.

2 responses to “doggin it

  1. I can vouch for bill- there is an ottawa lake. From what I’ve been told it was drained in years past due to insect control or something, but when there is a ton of consistent rain during the rainy season, the lake can be seen for a little while till it drains again.

    As for the pace, I thought last night’s ride was at a good pace, and those who want to race back to base can go right ahead and do so. I just hope I wasn’t one of those who everyone thought they should chase down.

    Looking forward to the monday ride.

  2. Hey Scott. Wow, glad you are back as I had a bad jones for the blog. Things are popping in a good way. The Hancock ride is a great ride, the Centre will advertise the ACDC ride in the newsletter, and I will do the Hudson ride (but do you think I can make it on the single speed…..?) We should take turns in front of the shop to relieve Matt!