Re-Bicycle Lenawee and ABCo-op

The wait is over. The building at 216 S. Center St. in Adrian is the new home of Re-Bicycle Lenawee — a program intended to get unused and unwanted bicycles into the hands of those who need them for regular transportation — and the Adrian Bicycle Co-op (ABCo-op) — a community shop space for building and maintaining bicycles.

216 South Center Street, Adrian

Storage space for incoming and outgoing bikes.

The building’s interior (measuring roughly 2300 square feet) is nicely divided. In addition to a large garage space that will be ideal for moving bikes in and out and for bike storage, the building has a great shop space, a multipurpose community meeting space, an enclosed office, bathroom facilities, and additional storage in the back.

Looking into the shop area.

The shop area.

Enclosed office space.

Open meeting space and community room.

The building is in pretty good shape overall, though there’s plenty of sprucing up to do. It is definitely well-suited to the Re-Bicycle program and co-op, but there’s potential for a lot more also.

Our canvas awaiting a mural.

The building and the space around it need some color.

Curbside view.

This is the sort of thing that can revitalize an entire neighborhood. Remember what that group down in Texas did?

The block (looking south)

The block (looking north)

I can hardly wait to see what will come of this.

Work gets underway in earnest on or around August 1. Look for the doors to open and a kick-off celebration in early September. Jim has gotten a bike drive and an on-site work day on the schedule for the local United Way Day of Action (September 10, 2010).

The building is being offered to us rent-free for an initial six-month trial period. But we need to raise some funds to cover the costs of utilities and setup. In addition to cash donations (no amount is too small), we need bikes, parts, supplies (e.g., degreasers, lubes, cables and housing, small hardware items, etc.), tools, benches, truing stands, work stands, shop cloths, fans, tables and chairs, paint, lumber, shelving, parts bins, bike hooks, a bike rack or two, peg board accessories, light bulbs — you name it. If you have anything to offer, please let us know. More than anything, we need able bodies.

Stay tuned to the newly added Re-Bicycle Lenawee program page on this blog for updates and information on how you can get involved.


8 responses to “Re-Bicycle Lenawee and ABCo-op

  1. This is a great idea- looks like a great space! My initial fear is that it may suffer in the winter due to the weather and that biking has a higher interest in the warmer months. That might be your highest challenge, depending on how many people take interest for fun riding or for transportation. Either way, I’m wishing the best!

  2. Thanks, Daniel. You’re right that certain kinds of activity will taper off over the winter months, but I think that will be a good time for the co-op side of things.

    I know I spend far more time wrenching on bikes in the winter than in the summer, on account of the fact that I’d rather be riding. So winter might offer the mechanics time to catch up in anticipation of a spring rush.

    Also, folks using their bikes for transportation can’t take the winter months off, so they will likely be plenty of maintenance work to do.

  3. First thing that needs attention is the grassy sidewalk . I will take some round up over one day and spray the walk if that is alright with you .

  4. Thanks, Bob! That certainly sounds good to me, but I’ll invite Jim to chime in and confirm, as he’s the primary point person for this project.

  5. Hey Bob, of course you can do some round up on the sidewalk. That would be awesome. I wanted to make a correction, Lisa is the person on point for the United Way effort and doing a great job. Don’t forget that we are having an “open house” Friday at 4:00 PM so people interested in being part of this genesis can see the space first hand. Email me for more details.

    • Thanks, Jim. For the sake of clarification, could you say a bit more about who all is involved with this effort, which organizations they represent, etc.? Perhaps that would make a good first post on the “Re-Bicycle Lenawee” page at some point.

      Are we to understand that Lisa is the key contact for the United Way portion, but you are essentially in charge of the actual shop and its operation? Am I still confused? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

  6. Awesome! I feel every city/town needs at least one place like this in it, perhaps more than one in places where cycling is taken more seriously and used as a wider form of transportation instead of automobiles. Adrian can be very bike friendly with some work and education to the masses, heck everyplace could in theory. I’m glad to see such a positive movement going on here, and I look forward to seeing the end result and wish you good luck on the endeavor.

  7. Lisa L. Riley

    Thank you so much for the post! The pictures turned out GREAT! I am going to email this to the rest of the committee if Jim hasn’t already! Love the enthusiasm generating! It is contagious!