sunday salmagundi

On Sunday, August 8, local cyclists Ellie Jacques and Matt Roberts will begin a 300 mile round-trip bike ride from Clinton to South Haven Michigan. The two are collecting pledges by the mile and flat rate donations to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to aid research to find a cure! Donations and pledges can be made by calling Ellie at 517-442-9716 or contacting her by email. Support is greatly appreciated!

I just discovered yesterday that Country Market carries Bicycle Times magazine. If you would describe yourself primarily as a transportation cyclist, or a bike-commuter, or a utility cyclist; if you find yourself drawn to randonneuring, cyclo-touring, and urban cycling; if you prefer wool to Lycra, comfort to speed — so on and so forth — then this is the magazine for you. If you care to, you can click here to read what I had to say about the first issue. In short, I highly recommend it. Go get a copy. Issues are published four times a year, and subscriptions are available for twelve bucks. I, for one, however, really enjoy grabbing this one off the rack.

Reminder: Tuesday night, City Tour Bike Ride and first annual Bicycling Advocacy Summit. The ride will depart from Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery at 5:30p. The meeting will be held at The Centre, Meeting Room A, beginning at 7p.

This weekend, I scored a nearly brand new Brooks saddle at an unbelievable price from a fellow cyclist here in Adrian, and he kindly threw in an extra seat post and saddle for my wife’s bicycle at no extra cost. This got me thinking again about setting up some sort of “classifieds” page on this blog. (Click here to see an example of how the Dayton Cycling Club does theirs.) Granted, lots of folks in our area make use of Ann Arbor and Toldeo craigslists, and that’s great. But how much better would it be if we were able to buy, sell, and barter easily with fellow cyclists in our own county? In the not-so-distant future, a community co-op might provide a physical space for this sort of thing, but there’s no reason the two efforts couldn’t work hand-in-hand. Is there interest out there for something like this?


7 responses to “sunday salmagundi

  1. Nice score on the saddle; I’ve been thinking about getting me one but haven’t shelled out the nearly 100$ or more for a new one.

  2. So does that mean you have some old saddles sitting around now? I need something decent for my new ride.

  3. See, we definitely need our own bike-specific classifieds.

    I might have a spare saddle that would suit you. If not, I know where others can be found.

  4. Def on the classified / swap list!

  5. Ellie Jacques

    Thank you very much for posting our news! Matt and I will also be conducting a bottle drive in Clinton on Tuesday, July 27th, between the hours of 5:30 and 8:30 PM. If you will not be home, please leave your bottles and cans on the porch for us to pick up. Thank you for all your support!

  6. You’re very welcome, Ellie. Glad to help. Good luck with the fundraising and the ride. Hopefully we’ll see you and Matt on the road at some point.

    Any chance you’ll be doing that bottle drive on bicycles?

  7. @Jim: the classifieds is up. Now it’s just a matter of posting ads and getting some stuff in circulation.