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Be there!

Bicycling Advocacy Summit

Tuesday, July 20, at 7p

The Bicycling Focus Group will be hosting representatives from the League of Michigan Bicyclists and the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance to talk about bicycling in Lenawee County.

The group will gather in Meeting Room A at The Centre (1800 U.S. 223, Adrian; 517.263.6232).

Our first bicycling advocacy summit will feature a wealth of information on what different individuals, organizations, and focus groups are doing to promote bicycling for recreation, fitness, and transportation in our area. There will be ample opportunity for discussing ways we can continue to build momentum and then capitalize on that energy to educate, raise awareness, advocate for bike- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, and ultimately get more people on bikes.

Scheduled presentations include:

  • The Centre Bicycling Focus Group
  • The Adrian Maple Wheelers
  • “Hadrian on a Bicycle”
  • The upcoming Associated Charities Donate and Cycle (ACDC) Rid
  • Re-Bicycle Lenawee
  • The League of Michigan Bicyclists
  • Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance

Everyone is welcome, from beginner to experienced cyclist.  This will be a great time to meet other people in the bicycling community and members of supporting organizations at the local and state level.  Find out how you can get involved and share your ideas.  Please email Jim Manley if you have questions, or post a comment below.

City Tour Bike Ride at 5:30p

Prior to the meeting, local riders are invited to help host our guests on a tour of our fair city. We want to give them a taste of cycling in Lenawee County and show them what we’ve got to work with. The ride will start at Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery (611 N. Main, Adrian), and it will be sure to include downtown, the Kiwanis Trail, the spot where the trail will be extended into Riverside Park, and perhaps even offer a glimpse of some of our not-so-bike-friendly areas (e.g., the intersection of Rt. 223 and M-52).

I could use some help planning the route. Click here to see the proposed route. If there’s something else you think folks should see, post a comment and let me know.

This will be a low-key, casual (i.e., slow) ride. So everyone is welcome, even if you can’t make it to the meeting afterward. The more riders the better. Let’s have a strong turnout and give our guests a clear sense of just how great our cycling community is.

*Nota bene: this is not the big news that I said was forthcoming this week. If I’m unable to announce that prior to Tuesday, city tour participants might be treated to a sneak peek on the ride.


6 responses to “be there with bells on

  1. Scott, thanks for the great writeup regarding our FIRST Lenawee Bicycle Summit! “It only takes a spark to get a fire going….”

  2. Looking forward to this! See you tomorrow!

  3. I wish I could make it, sadly I can’t. Though maybe the next one 🙂 sounds like fun though and I hope many turn out for it.

  4. You’ll be missed, cyclist. Look for a write-up on the blog later this week recapping the meeting. I’ll be sure to include pictures.

  5. Interested in getting one of those bells that is pictured in the link on the homepage of the blog but couldn’t see exactly what brand it was. Where did you find it (if you remember it)?