The Adrian College Cycling Club (ACCC) kicked off in January, and ever since we’ve been trying to come up with a bike-themed fundraiser for the group that we could use to get some cash for t-shirts, jerseys, event fees, pizza, etc. I don’t know why it’s taken so long for inspiration to strike, but it dawned on me recently that we should build two or three pedal-powered bike blenders. This would be a totally unique, signature fundraising tool for the club, and it’s portability and ease of use would allow us to roll it out at a moment’s notice on almost any occasion throughout the year.

I want two or three so we can offer people the chance to make their own drinks at a lesser price while club members blend smoothies for those not so inclined. It might also be fun to stage  “races”.

So why am I posting about this here? Well, we need blenders (and maybe even bikes and/or trainers, racks, whatever). The blenders need not be in working order, so long as everything is in tact, and the other stuff needn’t be anything particularly special. Let me know if you’ve got anything you can pitch in. The club would be much obliged, and I’m sure that sooner or later you’ll even get an opportunity to try out the machine and taste the fruits of your labor.

If we can get them built in time — and I’m certain we can — the club plans to use them for the ACDC Ride on September 11 and the Bulldog Ride at Homecoming Weekend.

I don’t know that we’ll ever reach the point of Magnificent Revolution, from whom I copped the sweet cover photo for this post (thanks, guys), but we’re sure to turn a few heads and have loads of fun.


Secret Super Extra Bonus Content Item

I met with local cycling advocate, Jim Manley, over coffee this morning, and we discussed a lot of wicked great stuff pertaining to the Lenawee County cycling picture in general and to the upcoming focus group meeting on the 20th. In an effort to whet your appetite a bit, let me just encourage you to stay tuned for a potentially big announcement (or two) next week.

Have a terrific weekend, fellow velo folks. Ride on, and may we all find tailwinds.


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  1. What a great idea for a fund raiser or point of interest at the end of the ACDC Ride!