skinny updates

First, this morning’s commute was fantastic! I saw so many cyclists on the bike path that I thought there must have been some sort of convention in town. If you were traveling one way or the other on the trail between about 7:15a and 8a, post a comment and say hello.

Yesterday I reported on a number of items, two of which require an update.

I referred to the Adrian Maple Wheelers as “the unofficial cycling club of Lenawee County.” Well, despite oppressive temperatures and air so thick you could cut it with a knife, ten riders turned out for last night’s jaunt from Sand Creek High School to Canandaigua and back. So, a number of us concluded that we might as well begin treating this thing like it’s official. Hear ye, hear ye: The Adrian Maple Wheelers have come out of retirement.

I also mentioned the story about Revs. Jim and Kathleen Splitt of Adrian First Presbyterian who will be riding in this year’s Habitat500 to raise money for Lenawee County Habitat for Humanity. Regrettably, they’ve had to back out due to an unexpected health-related issue. Please keep them in your thoughts.

One of the things that is very high on the list of what I love about cycling is the diversity that characterizes it. On last night’s Maple Wheelers ride, amidst all the Lycra spandex shorts and aluminum road bikes, Dave showed up in a t-shirt and shorts riding his 1960 Schwinn Spitfire. Not only did he keep up; he embarrassed more than one of us by passing … on a hill. Later, riding home, I ran into a guy named Bill that I had met a earlier this week on the bike path. Bill just got into riding a short while ago. He’s doing four (!) out-and-back rides on the bike path every day. He rides a heavy Giant mountain bike. Bill is all about sports nutrition and riding fast. He loves to chat about beating personal average speed records and never changing gears. He’s dying to know how well he’d hold up in competition. I’ve been trying to talk him into getting a fixed-gear road bike and entering a race or doing a time trial. Here’s the best part: Bill is 49 years old.

Bikes rock.


9 responses to “skinny updates

  1. Hey, I enjoyed the ride. I wasn’t trying to show anybody up on the hills, it’s just how I ride. With my heavy 1-speed I have to tackle them head on or else I get burned. Looking forward to future rides in cooler weather.

  2. I was just giving you a hard time. Grief is the cost of membership in our otherwise free club. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to future rides in cooler weather, too. This time of year, winter commutes don’t look so bad!

  3. Hey dave- go find yourself a bendix two speed- low gear makes a heck of a difference.

  4. Daniel, have you ridden one of those Bendix kickbacks? I looked for a red band for years and when I finally got one for cheap about 10 years ago, I really wasn’t into it. I switched it out for a Fichtel-Sachs single speed coaster and have been happy ever since. The trick is to find the perfect sprockets for your riding style— I use a 20 tooth Sturmey-Archer in back with a regular Schwinn clover in front. Do you ride an old bike?

  5. Dave- email me at and we can talk old bikes. I looked for your contact but couldn’t find one. To answer your question quickly- the newest bike I ride is a 1979, and I have a few.

    • Guys, with all this talk of old bikes, I’m thinking we’ve just got to organize some kind of tweed ride, or else our own version of a cruise in featuring classic bikes.

  6. That’s an AWESOME idea scott! Sorry I kinda took over your page talking to dave there.

  7. Are you kidding? Don’t sweat it. That’s that sort of thing this blog is for.

  8. I’ll wait till we have another 90+ degree day and I decide to take a ride. I’m hoping to make it to the monday one.