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Healthy Stride Two summers ago, I began riding a bicycle for a variety of reasons. One of the big ones was to lose weight. I was gearing up to start a new job, and I wasn’t feeling too stellar about how squishy I looked. Moreover, I was now the proud father of one with another on the way. I wanted to be able to wrestle with them on the floor without tiring too quickly, and I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure that I would be around for a long time, mostly so they’d have plenty to gripe about in their teen years.

I liked the exercise provided by a bicycle, most of all because it produced substantial and noticeable results quickly, and because it was fun, which meant it never felt like exercise. Over a relatively short period of time, I dropped 45 pounds.

Recently, someone named Lindsay posted a comment on this blog. It turns out, she has a blog of her own that centers on her amazing loss of 100 pounds. Cycling, wouldn’t you know, has been a big and wonderfully enjoyable part of that undertaking.I encourage you to give it a read if you in the mood for a taste of that ceaseless and unadulterated giddiness that comes with the rediscovery of two-wheeled travel.

Go Lindsay.


I’m wondering, how many readers of this blog either set out to lose weight by riding a bicycle, or have lost weight simply as a matter of course on account of riding? It would be interesting to know the cumulative number of pounds dropped. Come on, let’s tally ’em up…


7 responses to “go Lindsay

  1. I’m 53 and started riding about 18 months ago to loose weight too. I’ve gone from 220 lbs to 170 , which was my wieght in college.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb here and make people jealous (sorry!) I got back into biking more seriously for the same reasons but I didn’t need to lose any weight. Biking has enabled me to not gain any more weight.

  3. Ha! Fair enough. Riding not to gain is an important benefit that shouldn’t be missed.

    Once I lost my weight, I found that riding was tremendously valuable in terms of maintaining the lower weight, not only because I was actively burning more calories, but because it helped me make lasting changes to my diet and eating habits.

  4. Fred Deutsch

    I’ll chip in another 2 cents. My motivation in bycling was not simply to loose weight to look better but more importantly to get healthier. For example, my cholesterol has gone from 261 to 162 (goal to to keep under 200) , my triglycerides from the mid-200’s to 71 (goal to keep under 100), and my LDLs from 168 to 94 (goal to keep under 100). Hopefully, this new bycling hobby will translate into a longer life, and a more active, enjoyable life.

  5. bicyclegirl

    I’ve lost 17 pounds since getting into riding seriously a few years ago. Was packing on the pounds after tendonitis did not allow me to ride a bike, jog, or do anything but walk. I do find it’s easier to maintain my weight or lose some during those months in the year that the weather doesn’t prevent us from riding. Gotta love our bicycles!

  6. I can’t say I’ve dropped any pounds from biking, but I would estimate it has prevented me from gaining at least 50 over the last 5 years.