2010 Hospice Ride

Sunday’s 2010 Hospice of Lenawee Run, Walk, and Bike Tour featured a new route that was absolutely fantastic. Cyclists on this year’s tour departed from Blissfield High School, together with the runners, rather than separately from Sienna Heights University. This had a number of advantages, not least of which was making the cycling side of the event feel more integrated with the overall program.

If any of the event organizers are reading this post, I’d love to know how many folks participated (particularly cyclists) and how much money was raised for Hospice of Lenawee. Please comment.

Attention now turns in earnest to the Associated Charities ACDC ride in September. Thanks again to all those who have already offered to help, and thanks in advance to others whom I’m sure will do so when given the chance. I’m meeting again tomorrow with Associated Charities board members and will soon set to work on organizing a formal planning committee. Stay tuned…


2 responses to “2010 Hospice Ride

  1. I didn’t look real hard for a charity ride for this month’s calendar. I like the idea of our club attending an organized ride together. Preferably for some worthy cause but if not then for the worthy cause of improving our fitness.

  2. That’s a great idea, Bill, participating in charity rides together as a club. All the sweeter if/when we get club t-shirts or jerseys.