look what I found

OK, first, this is one reason why I hate driving:

I know it’s difficult to see what’s going on here, and I realize that the jam is rather laughable when compared with what drivers in more sizable cities face. But still, I could have been to and through this intersection on my bike in the time it takes most people to figure out that the light has changed.

Nevertheless, there are times, I’ll admit, when a car comes in handy. The starting point for Monday night’s Maple Wheelers ride was too far from my house to get to by bike, so I had to drive. En route, I found my next project. The price was certainly right, so I pulled over and threw it in the trunk.

I need some help identifying the bike. Does anyone happen to know what is? Perhaps more importantly, what should I do with it? The floor is open for suggestions.


6 responses to “look what I found

  1. Have no idea what you have there , but it looks like it was made for someone about 10 foot tall . Different on the way the shifters are at the end of the handle bar.

  2. You’re right about the frame size. It’s huge! And the bike can’t seem to make it’s mind on whether it wants to race or tour.

    I’ll post additional details (e.g., actual frame size, serial number, etc.) once I start getting into re-building it.

  3. You should keep it; that’s what I’d do. See if it has any Schwinn approved parts on it (brake lever arms) that might tell you the brand. It looks a lot like a Schwinn approved bike from the 70s 80s. Cool find- a tall frame is a plus!

  4. Rebuilt it!!! SO awesome, can’t wait to see what you do with it!!!

  5. It looks a lot like a Schwinn World Voyageur to me.

  6. *spray painted bike*