Bob’s hard ride

Ten riders turned out for last night’s Maple Wheelers ride. The 25-mile Onsted loop set out from Onsted Middle School, meandered around Devils Lake and Round Lake, passed by Michigan International Speedway, and concluded with — what else? — ice cream, following some nice big rollers on Onsted Hwy.

Here are some pictures from the ride. Names have been left off to protect the ridiculous innocent.


6 responses to “Bob’s hard ride

  1. Hi there! while I was getting info about the Hospice of Lenawee ride, I found your posting. I am new to riding, am looking for a group to ride with. Saw that you just did a ride in Onsted, I actually live there. Saw some pics, wondering if there are any lady riders with your group? Also, do you have a regular website that I can look at? Hope to hear back from you soon!

    • I’m glad you found the blog. Welcome! Thanks for posting a comment.

      Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see any women at the Maple Wheeler rides on Monday and Wednesday nights. However, there’s no reason you couldn’t be the first! We’ll be back in that area on June 28 and 30. Meanwhile, there are a number of women who participate in the Kiwanis Trail ride from Trestle Park on Wednesday nights, and I think there are some women who participate in the Tecumseh ride on Sunday mornings, which I’m told is a pretty fast ride.

      I know there are lots of other rides around, and plenty of women riders in our area. I’ll invite others to chime in with suggestions. I try to post as much news and information as I can on this site. The list of local rides to the right-hand side of the website are the organized rides I know of. Depending on what you’re looking for, you could certainly find others options in surrounding areas.

      Hopefully we’ll cross paths in the near future.

  2. Hey that was really a good brisk ride and I plan on being back . I have been looking for a good group to ride with and I found one .

  3. I tried one of those wednesday night rides down the trail and somehow I was the only one that showed up. ( this was a while ago) unless it was canceled and I wasn’t told about it I don’t know.

  4. @Bob: Yeah, I think this is a great group, and the routes are nice. Glad you felt at home. The Maple Wheelers Revival is gaining real momentum!

    @Daniel: Sorry to hear that you and the Wednesday night group missed each other. That’s a drag, but you’re not the first person this has happened to. It could have been due to any number of things. I try to post announcements and updates concerning that group here, but sometimes things fall through the tracks. For what it’s worth, the group has been riding, but in varying numbers. They meet/roll out at 6:15p at the larger of the two Trestle Park pavilions intersected by the bike path. If anyone who participates in that ride has any further details to offer, I’ll invite them to chime in with a comment.

  5. I plan on being at Trestle Park on most Wed nights by 6:15, tonight included. Won’t be there next week because of PALM. Now that school is out the Wed night ride attendance should be better.