how endings become new beginnings

Recent columns have focused on Bike-to-Work week in Rhode Island.  I have blogged about my company’s support for this event.  In the back of my mind was “will it take off?” and “what problems will we encounter?”  Happily the answer to the former is YES and to the latter, NONE.

Last week nineteen people in my company commuted to work by bicycle.  It was a new experience to most of this group.  The “newbies” enjoyed it and spread the word to those who had not.  Already one cyclist has begun using her bike to commute to the gym instead of using a car.  Others want to commute to work as a group for fun and exercise.

As an experienced cyclist who volunteered to lead others commuting to work, I expected the pace to be super slow.  It was not.  The rides in with others added just five minutes to the commute.  Having the camaraderie was priceless.  One new cyclist made suggestions  to improve my route from the city to work, making the commute so much more enjoyable and probably safer.

This past week a few of the newer cyclists kept riding in on their own.  My company had created a small “bike park” for Bike-to-Work week to give us a space to lock up our bikes.  I spoke to the management and they intend on leaving it up for us until such time a more permanent solution is in place.

Bike to Work Week has ended.  But now it has become a start for many to enjoy the benefits of cycling to work.


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