a better block

Check out what a group in Oak Cliff (an area of Dallas) did to one city block for under $1000, less than the cost of a new road bike. This is so cool!

I can’t believe it’s taken me more than a month to stumble upon this. I’m pitiful. It just goes to show that I need to invest more time into paying visits to great blogs like Bikes as Transportation.

PART ONE (promo)

PARTS TWO & THREE (the event)

If you want to know more, read the post on StreetsBlog.

There is some fantastic revitalization happening in downtown Adrian these days. What’s preventing us from adding to the mix the sorts of things depicted in this film? Imagine what an impact it would make, given how small the downtown area is? Just think of how easily and quickly the entire city center could be made not only bike- and pedestrian-friendly, but altogether inviting, comfortable, enjoyable, fun, and absolutely practical. Not just a space, in other words, but a place. Why limit ourselves to short-term events like the weekly farmers market or the annual Arts-a-Licious festival?

I love riding downtown, so much so that I make a point to travel through there every day on my commute home. It’s only that much better when downtown is my destination. We’re so close…


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