commuting by bicycle

The Christian Family Centre Bicycling Focus Group will be meeting Thursday, May 20, at 7p, to discuss “Commuting by Bicycle.”

May 21st is the National Bike to Work day.  All across the United States local advocacy groups are promoting bicycle commuting for fun, fitness, savings, and environmentally sound transportation.  Come join us this month at the Centre if you would like to learn more about bicycle commuting strategies or improve your current commute.  We will present and discuss the following topics:

  • Learn some interesting and fun facts regarding the benefits of bicycle commuting
  • How to plan a safe and fun route to my destination, regardless of distance
  • What kind of bicycle and equipment will improve my commuting experience
  • What resources and financial incentives are available to bicycle commuters
  • Hear from current commuters and see their experience (I’m told they might even be watching the video of my commute that I shot last fall.)
  • Safe Routes to School national partnership
  • How to start a commuter “posse”!

Everyone is welcome, from beginner to experienced cyclist.  Persons under the age of 18 are welcome if they bring a parent or guardian with them.  Please email Jim Manley if you have questions.


2 responses to “commuting by bicycle

  1. No please don’t coomute to work on bikes. I would like to encorage you all to stay off public roads with your bikes. Bikes belong in parks and on sidewalks not on roads. I wish to no longer see you on the road. I am tired of sharing the road with you.

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