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Check out what my little bother and bicyclegirl have managed to get going for Bike to Work week at their place of employment. He writes:

My company has really gotten behind Bike to Work Week. A couple of weeks ago I had noticed on some biking website that Bike to Work Week was coming up so I had sent an e-mail to bicyclegirl saying we should do what we can to sponsor it. We started coming up with all of these ideas. We approached HR with them, and they totally got behind almost every single one.

Two weeks ago they printed up posters and promotional material to be distributed. Then we began signing up riders and managed to get about 25 people to come into work with us. Depending on where in the state people are coming from, we assigned them to commuting “guides” (myself, bicyclegirl, and couple others who’ve commuted before). I have a group ride scheduled for every day next week. HR also sported for “incentive bags” (water bottle, shoe bag, token gifts from Bike Nashbar), a complimentary yogurt/fruit cup from the cafeteria on the day you ride, power bars, and a $50 gift certificate to REI to be raffled off to one person riding in next week. We were very, very close to getting in someone from a local bike shop to give a “Commuting 101” class, had we a little bit more time and finances. Additionally, we’ve been allotted an extra half-hour off for commuting time.

We’re really excited because after all this HR kept saying, we’ll do better next year. Just hoping the weather holds out.


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  1. bicyclegirl

    Today was the first day for our company’s Bike-to-Work week event. New England weather is beautiful today, in the 70s and perfect for bike riding. The Village Scribe rode with one co-worker and bicyclegirl led two others to work. In addition, others rode in on their own for a total of eight people commuting in today. We are enthused about this positive start. One “new” cyclist has already stated she wants to bike into work again, even after this week ends. Many others are looking forward to riding in later in the week.

    I always commute to work alone. Having two cyclists with me this morning made all the difference – it was fun to have someone to talk to. Since they enjoyed the experience (except for the part of walking the bikes up a steep hill), I am hoping to have company in the future.

  2. It’s really exciting to hear about what you’ve got going up there. I’m with you on the matter of riding with others. It makes a huge difference. I find it tremendously enjoyable.

    For any locals that might be interested, here’s what Tecumseh has planned for Friday’s Bike to Work day festivities:

  3. I’ve only one comment about this post; was the following an intentional typo “Check out what my little bother … managed to get going”? Does that make you the big bother?? 🙂

  4. Ha ha. Oops. Chalk it up to a Freudian slip.