win a free copy of Bike Snob, the book

I just finished reading Bike Snob: Systematically and Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling (Chronicle Books, 2010), and now you have a chance to win a free copy. Here’s how.

Use your bicycle for transportation any time during Bike to Work week (Sunday, May 16, through Saturday, May 22). Post a comment here describing the experience. Each report constitutes a contest entry. That means the more errands you run, and the more commutes you make, the better your chances of winning. And if that weren’t enough, reports from Lenawee County residents count twice! The winner will be determined by random drawing on May 23.

This is a fantastic book. As any reader of the BikeSnobNYC blog would expect, the book is terrifically funny. But it’s also full of really smart commentary and thought-provoking perspectives on bikes, bike messengers, lone wolves, cars and drivers, the Amish, labels, identities, subcultures, gentrification, spandex, anti-veloism, the relationship between film history and determining when the temperature is warm enough to ride, and so much more. In a word, it’s a delightful riff on that mad-crazy mix that is life on two wheels. It even comes with stickers and a smattering of honest-to-goodness worthwhile advice. Be sure to check it out.


16 responses to “win a free copy of Bike Snob, the book

  1. Great idea for a giveaway! You’re right about the book.

  2. Thanks, Trisha. But it’s a far cry from what you and Dottie have going on over there at LGRAB. Wow!

    I was genuinely surprised and impressed with the book. I was expecting something much closer to his blog. I’ll be sorry to part with my copy.

  3. OK, I guess I’ll start this off. Just rode in to work, about a mile and a half. It was chilly — kinda wish I’d wore my dollar store work gloves. I was running a little late, but made it in the building before the campus chimes sounded 8am.

  4. I also rode in to work this morning, 3.5 miles. Little chilly, not bad. Heavier than normal traffic on Wolf Creek and Country Club Rd. There must be a big golf tournament today, lots of people at the Country Club.

  5. I rode in this morning with a commuter “newbie” who is participating in my company’s Bike to Work Week campaign. For someone who did not have an optimal bike for commuting (full suspension mountain bike with rusted chain) and who perhaps wasn’t at peak physical condition for a 8 mile trek into work at 6:00 in the morning, he did just fine.
    We took our time and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. In anticipation of the slower ride, I rode the Raleigh M40 with recently replace tires (slicks for nubs) as opposed to my traditional commuter, the Cannondale Synapse 7. Weather permitting, I’ve a group ride tomorrow morning with 2 other co-workers.

  6. Took a quick ride home for my 30 min. lunch. Three miles total. I realized about halfway home that I left my helmet at work. It felt strange riding without it. I can’t believe I rode all those years/miles without one. Leaving work in a bit and plan to stop by the local bike shop to register for the bike they’re giving away this week. Looks like its raining, but I don’t care about that on the way home. I’m always in a hurry to get out of my work clothes anyway.

  7. Um, ya, it was a beautiful day for a ride into work. Got a little wet and wind blown, but I made it. Hope it clears a bit by lunch time as I would like to ride up to the bike shop to register for the bike give-away.

  8. Got to town for a quick lunch and to register for the free bike.

  9. Come on, folks! Dave and John are dominating this competition. I know the weather’s been a little gray, and chilly, and rainy. But today is gorgeous! Give those excuses a day off and start pedaling!

  10. Gina Hicks

    Well another safe commute to work this morning – truly exilerating!!!

    However, I do need to compile a checklist to reference before leaving home for work. It really doesn’t start your day off well when you get to work and realize you have forgotten your office keys. Oh well, still some wrinkles to iron out. All in all, it’s a great experience.


  11. Bully for you, Gina. Indeed, there’s a learning curve, and much of it entails things you won’t even realize until after you’ve already learned them. It dawned on me not too long ago how adept I’d become at making decisions about how to dress for the ride on any given day.

    So did you take the absence of your office keys as a signal that you weren’t meant to work today? It seems, to me, like an obvious conclusion.

  12. It was a beautiful ride in this morning. Planning on staying in town this evening for the Ride of Silence.

  13. I’ve commuted to work by bicycle before, but today was an exception. I awoke to find it a very nice calm and relaxing day, much different than the last few days, and figured today would be a great day to bike to work. I chose to take the slower pace of my two regular riding bicycles and set out earlier than usual. I didn’t want to rush to work (hey, it’s work, why rush to get there?!) plus I wanted to take in the nice day. I was more observant of the smells and sounds than I had before; the birds and the trees and such.

    During my lunch break I thought about going to register for a free bike at the bike store, but a quarter of the way there, my internal two speed automatic hub decided it wanted to no longer function as a two speed but as a single speed.

    Annoyingly I was able to pedal home the rest of the way in one gear, the low gear that is usually used for starting, hills and high wind gusts, going approx. 4 mph the whole way. My commute was longer than usual coming home but since it was still a nice (weather) day, it was worth it. I was able to enjoy the same things coming home as I was going to work. Normally I commute anywhere between 15- 20 MPH on a given day, today it was like my bike was forcing me to slow down and enjoy the day.

    Today was definitely a great bike-to-work day. Tomorrow it’s on to fixing my bike hub. 🙂

  14. Yesterday the weather was a huge deterrent, even the “die-hards” didn’t ride. However, the Bike to Work Week campaign at my company has resumed in full force today with a total of 12 bikes lined up outside! The cool thing is we’re getting a couple repeat riders. Individuals who rode earlier in the week are continuing to ride and have plans to to do so even after this week is over.

  15. It is so great to see all this conversation on the topic of bike commuting.

    @ Daniel: Sorry to hear about the busted hub. That’s a drag.

    @ Nathan: Love hearing about the great success at your company. It makes such a difference when a group can do this sort of thing together.

    How many locals are planning to swing by the “Energizer Station” on the Maumee St. side of City Hall tomorrow? Hours are 7:30a-9a, 11:30a-1p, and 4:30a-6p. They offering complimentary breakfast, coffee, snacks, fruit, and beverages, and there will free prize drawings.

    Last night’s Ride of Silence was excellent. Thanks to Bill D. and Jim D. for putting it together. 19 riders participated. The route took us to parts of town where I had never been. I missed a golden opportunity to spread the word about the blog, because I’m a lousy salesman (or politician, or whatever one needs to be for such things). But Jim M. picked up a lot of names and email address for the Bicycling Focus Group.

  16. Took the bike into the shop today and found out it wasn’t a worn shifter spring as I had previously thought- the drive gear was shot and replaced. Shot to the point that it had floating metal pieces from the part that screws into the clutch and a smooth worm gear. It works great now.