seriously. 24 bucks.

The 2010 Brighton Tour de Cure event is only three weeks away. So far, I’ve raised $726, and Team Hadrian has raised a combined total of $2131. That’s spectacular!

Surprisingly, despite a heap of generous contributions from numerous individuals, only one person has taken me up on my appeal to pledge one dollar. This is the final push. I need and desperately want 24 more folks to pitch in a buck.

Since registering for this ride, I’ve been completely taken aback to find out how many people I know, either directly or indirectly, who are effected by this disease. One member of our team has diabetes, and on the day of the ride I’ll be wearing on my jersey the names of at least a dozen others who live with it or who have lost life or limb to it. These are people I know directly (many of them relatives), people who have sponsored me, or friends and relatives of people who have sponsored me. Diabetes is everywhere.

If you have diabetes, if you know someone with diabetes, if you’re a parent, if you ride a bicycle, if you enjoy reading this blog, if you’re reading this post now because you have nothing better to do or are avoiding work — you get the idea — please consider donating one dollar. THANK YOU!

Team Hadrian will be doing a training ride tomorrow. If anyone would like to join us, you’re more than welcome.

The forecast is partly cloudy with temps in the mid-60s, but windy. is predicting 18-20mph winds from the west. We will be riding either the Hospice route or this alternative.

I’ll post a comment on this post with the definite route and start time once I know for sure.


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  1. The ride will depart from Trestle Park at 1p. We’ll do the alternate route.