getting organized

Last week, I opened my work email and received an invite from a co-worker to ride into work together during Bike to Work Week. Or so I thought.

My colleague wanted my help to organize a company-sponsored, week-long Bike to Work Week event. We made the pitch to HR later that day and got a thumbs-up. Our employer was willing to print posters, brochures, give employees a secure place for their bicycles, and sponsor goody bags and a gift certificate to a bicycle store for one lucky bike rider.

While we are fortunate enough to work for a company that truly cares for its employees, it is the two of us enthused cyclists driving this event. This year will be a learning experience for us. We have no idea how many people will join us, but if we can coax even just 5%-10% of our co-workers to try this out, we’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.

How will YOU celebrate Bike to Work with people you spend most of your time with?


3 responses to “getting organized

  1. Remember that MADD started with one woman with a righteous cause. Now the entire legal system changed and beer / alcohol corporations pay for “drink responsibly” commercials! You can make a difference.

  2. bicyclegirl

    Good observation, Jim, and thanks for the encouragement. As of today, we have 26 employees willing to participate in next week’s Bike-to-Work Week event. Over 10% of the employee population … will post more news regarding the success of our company’s event.

  3. That’s an awesome response! Way to go! Yes, please do keep us posted, and be sure to snap some pictures of all those riders and of their bikes stacked up all over the building.