there’s a movement afoot

Local riders, John and Gina, took the plunge and commuted to work by bicycle this morning. Way to go! Here’s what John had to say:

Well I did it, my first morning commute to work by bike. I had always been a little nervous about that intersection of Wolf Creek and Country Club. Even with all the morning traffic it just was not that big a deal. I was assertive about lane usage, let traffic know my intentions and away I (we, Gina was with me) went. Aside from inclement weather I’m not sure I have any more “good” excuses not to ride to work.

Take note: anyone can do this, and the route, though an important consideration, need not be the sole determining factor. John raises excellent points about taking the lane and communicating clearly with motorists. Personal safety when you’re on your bike is, to a large extent, in your hands.

So, Bike to Work Week is less than two weeks away. Are you going to give it a shot? If you do, let us know. Maybe there’s someone else reading these posts who will be encouraged to try also, or perhaps even to ride with you. And don’t forget to swing by Adrian Bike & Lock to register for a chance to win a free bike.


3 responses to “there’s a movement afoot

  1. Gina Hicks

    The commute to work for the first time was simply exhilarating. I felt so pumped when I arrived at work on my bike.

    My inspiration comes from reading the article on the front page of the Daily Telegram a few weeks back. It truly gave me the boost I needed to get back out there and do it. I started riding my bike back and forth to work last year from Beecher & Main, taking advantage of the bike trail. We have since moved from that area and my commute begins at Clubview & Wolf Creek Highway.

    Being employed full time and raising two kids, it is hard to find time for exercise. This gets me out there doing what I truly enjoy – the outdoors and bicycling. Since I have my bike at work, I can also bike on my lunch hour.

    If you’ve thought about bicycling to work – just do it. Take that first step. You will be so happy that you did. Be sure to check your bike over for safety. Some of the things I don’t go without are a flashing light, rearview mirror, and bright colored clothing.

    Anyone interested in joining us from Wolf Creek & Country Club (Riverside Ave.) we’d love to have you.

    Gina Hicks

  2. Not only is it fun, it’s good for the soul and body, plus one can laugh in the face of the people charging 3+ dollars a gallon for gas this summer!

  3. Well said, Gina. Welcome back to the ranks of transportation cyclists! I love all the great “testimony” coming from these experiments. I hope you get some folks to take you up on your invitation. The more of us who ride, the better it is for everyone on bicycle.