I met this past Wednesday with board members from Associated Charities of Lenawee County to discuss the ACDC ride. This event began in 2008 with approximately 60 riders. Last year saw a slight dip in the number of participants, but an increase in funds raised, thanks to t-shirt sponsors. Unfortunately, the 2010 ride was scratched from the calendar when it appeared that there wouldn’t be sufficient volunteer support to pull it off.

I am happy to say the ride is back on and slated (tentatively) for Saturday, September 11. I’m calling on local readers of this blog to get involved in whatever way they can. This is a good event that directly supports local charities. It’s one of only two organized charity rides in our county. Skipping the event this year would cost a great a deal of momentum and threaten to quash the ride altogether. What a drag that would be. Would we much rather see it develop into a really strong annual event for our area? I would.

Six riders from this area have together raised more for the American Diabetes Association than the ACDC ride has made in both years combined. Surely we can do even more for our own immediate community.

The goal is to raise some meaningful money for the Associate Charities. So the plan is to make the event something equally attractive both to families and casual riders, and to more avid cyclists. To that end, we are proposing two family friendly rides (e.g., 7 and 14 miles) on the Kiwanis Trail, and one or two longer riders (e.g., 25 and 50 miles) that begin on the trail and then continue on country roads in Lenawee County.

Here’s what we need:

  • Volunteers to help with registration and rest stops.
  • Local businesses to sponsor the event by purchasing t-shirt space for logos, offering incentives for top fundraisers, providing give-a-ways for participants, etc.
  • Event promotion
  • Riders

In the days ahead, I’ll be asking the Christian Family Centre Bicycling Focus Group to get involved and to help specifically with the portion of the event oriented toward recreational riders. I’ll be talking with one of the coordinators of last year’s event to see if I can get some help with mapping the longer route(s). And I’ll be approaching others about having a presence at the event in various capacities.

Mark your calendar now for this event, and post a comment to let me know if you want to get involved.


7 responses to “ACDC Ride

  1. So, everyone rides a bicycle route for charity. My only question is -do you play ACDC on your headphones or will there be a boombox provided? I have an “Acca Dacca” mixtape that I’d like to contribute. Thanks.

  2. Jim Manley

    Now that’s funny. I thought about the band when i saw the name too…

    “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)” Great hammer music for the sprint.

    We need to make this the premier fall event for Lenawee County. Then, add a spring event in 2011 to kick off the season, maybe in conjunction with Bike to Work Week. We also need to work on organizing a Lenawee Bicycle Advocacy Club, bike barn for the K Trail, and a bike kitchen to get bikes off garage hooks and into the hands of children and adults that could use and enjoy them…

    The problems in the United States are not lack of resources, it’s distribution!

  3. I don’t know where the name came from, but I guess it works all right, one way or another.

    I couldn’t agree more about making this a premier fall event, and we’re not alone in thinking along those lines. I’m all for organizing a spring event and a club, too.

    Tell us more about the “bike barn” and “bike kitchen” ideas. What do you have in mind?

  4. ACDC —“Associated Charities Donate and Cycle”