save Sutton

Anyone who rides a bike outside of city limits knows that, despite the beautiful scenery they afford, rural roads in Lenawee County are positively wretched. Here are your options if you want to take a ride in the country: unpaved, pockmarked and patched beyond recognition, or Class A thoroughfares with vehicles racing by.

A local group in Raisin Township has organized a movement to “Save Our Sutton.” They are working to see Sutton Rd. properly repaired without being converted either to dirt and gravel or to a Class A road in the process.

I’m posting this to encourage all cyclists in the area to support their effort. If you ride for recreation, you know that Sutton Rd. intersects with the Kiwanis Trail and is wonderful east-west line for rides off the bike path. If you commute by bike from anywhere northeast of Adrian, you know that Sutton Rd. provides an excellent route option for avoiding extended time on either Occidental or M52.

This is an important issue for cyclists in Lenawee County, and it’s a big win for us if any sort of cycling infrastructure is incorporated in the process of the re-paving (e.g., a shoulder wide enough for bikes, but not wide enough to allow for Class A status).


One response to “save Sutton

  1. I agree that Sutton has become an important commuting connection. The most important point is that the Sutton Elementary and Porter center schools have zero safe accessibility for pedestrians or bicyclists. We are struggling with the lack of exercise in the nation, especially among our children, yet there is no bike path or sidewalk for any of the children within reasonable distance of the school to arrive without riding in a car or bus. There should be a wide shoulder or separate path connecting these neighborhood to the K-Trail.