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Anyone planning to travel this summer? Might your itinerary include bike rental? Check out this article by the New York Times‘ Frugal Traveler for great tips on where to find bike rentals and how to save money should you decide to go by bike during your stay.

Below are some of the links included in the article. These range from bike rental finders, to bike-sharing programs, to places where you can purchase inexpensive used bikes that can be donated back or passed along to someone else at the conclusion of your trip, to a very inexpensive and highly packable folding bike option (I’m definitely looking into this), to a chart that tracks airline luggage fees for those traveling with their own bicycles.

Twice I’ve been in Rome and thought of renting a bike, but I bailed on the idea both times. On the most recent visit, I had even investigated the matter fully before leaving the States, and located a rental place only a block from the hotel where I was staying. I deeply regret having not gone through with it. What a stupid move on my part. I won’t let it happen again.

If you’re traveling some place that affords you the opportunity to take in the sights on two wheels, by all means do it. And if your summer plans are keeping you close to home, take an afternoon to play tourist in your own town.


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  1. Great information on folding bikes. I have always been curious about them and think they are great if part of your commute or trip involves a train. Would love to hear from others if they ever brought them on a trip by air – you could save $$ on renting a bike, and alot of time not having to find the bike rental company in the city you traveled to.