anyone up for a challenge?

The folks at Terra Trike and Bent Rider online are offering a free recumbent (pictured here) to the randomly selected winner of a 30-day car-free challenge. I think I’m going to do it. Why not, right?

Anyone with me? If there are any takers, perhaps there’s a way to make things a bit more interesting. Any other ideas?

Bike month is just days away, and bike-to-work week is in three weeks. (By the way, our local bike shop, Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery, is offering folks a chance to win a free bike, too. Be sure to stop in during bike-to-work week and register.) Now is a great time to give transportation cycling a try.

So if you’re game for trying to win the recumbent, post a comment to let us know, and then head over to to join the ‘2010 TerraTrike Car-Free Challenge’ group and get started. Good luck!


2 responses to “anyone up for a challenge?

  1. OK, I set up an account on and tried to locate the “2010 TerraTrike Car-Free Challenge” group to no avail. I don’t see “groups” anywhere, only clubs and discussion forums.

    It’s too bad, really, because (a) I commute by bike already anyway, and (b) I would have really liked to win that recumbent because, well, I can always find a use for another bike, and a free bike would just completely rock. Rats.

    On the whole, I wasn’t especially impressed with I guess it just isn’t really my sort of thing. However, I did manage to stumble across a rider located in Adrian who goes by the username rjzahdr. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyway to contact him via the website. So, rjzahdr, if you should ever happen to read this, post a comment to say hello, and let’s try to get together for a ride sometime.

  2. Hey Scott! I set a personal challenge for myself to see how many car free days I could lhave in 2009. I was green on the chart if I did not drive at all, yellow if I cycled more than drove in mileage, red if I drove more than cycled, and blue if I didn’t cycle at all. It was fun, but harder than you think to be car free. I only averaged 11% green and 39% yellow. Good luck!