The showing of “Breaking Away” slated for tonight at Adrian Bike & Lock has been postponed.

The 30th Annual Ann Arbor Classic Bike Show and Swap Meet is this Sunday, April 25. I wish desperately that I could go, but I’m buried in end-of-semester work. Hopefully, we’ll have a report from “our man in the field” next week. If anyone else reading this blog happens to attend, please send me some photos and comments.

I’m trying to organize a Team Hadrian Tour de Cure Rally Ride for team members and anyone else who’s interested in joining us. How many of you are available on Saturday, May 15? If Saturday is out, what about Friday, the 14th? I’m recommending we do the 2009 Hospice Route (approximately 30 miles), with a snack stop in Blissfield. What say you?


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  1. Friday the 14 is good for me. Saturday would be my second choice.

  2. Either day is ok for me

  3. OK, Friday afternoon is tentatively penciled in. Stay tuned for further details.

    Bob, I’m thrilled you’re going to join our team ride. Now, how do we talk you into actually joining the team and riding the Tour de Cure with us on June 5?

  4. There also was a meet in Grand Rapids OH at Memory lane that started (well people started showing up on tuesday) thursday with a great turnout and went till yesterday. The AA meet should be good- there is another MLC meet coming in august sometime.

  5. The rain combined with my desire to watch the Red Wings game kept me away from the classic bike show, so no report here. Thanks Daniel for the heads up on the Memory Lane swap. I will try to catch that in Aug.

  6. If you ride faster then 2 MPH , I won’t be able to keep up , I am an old man , Ha Ha .