have a say in hadrian’s look

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with an art student at the college on designing a logo for Hadrian on a Bicycle. You’ve seen her work on this blog before. I’ll tell you more about her and her work once the final results are determined. Suffice it to say for now that she’s got mad skills.

The problem is that she insists on providing me with no less than three options, all of which are brilliant in their own way, and I find myself paralyzed by indecision. I need your help making a selection. Here are the designs…

Circle (Design 1)

fender and rack (design 2)
Fender and Rack (Design 2)

Chainring (Design 3)

So, what do you think? Pretty sweet, huh? Please take a second to give me your two cents. The winner will become a prominent visual feature of the blog, and will also appear on Team Hadrian t-shirts for the Brighton Tour de Cure and the 2010 PALM tour.


9 responses to “have a say in hadrian’s look

  1. Yeah the last one is a bit cluttered with the “a”‘s being black AND white… the middle one is alright, but not everyone can tell what that it. The top is clean, readable, you can see what the company is about even without reading the words, and–hehe–reminds me of starbucks 🙂

  2. Nonplussed baby is cuter than cute can describe, but SHE MEANS BUSINESS. *gets on new Scott and rides for half hour on the trainer in humble obedience to nonplussed baby*

  3. It reminds you of Starbucks?! Oh no! Granted, I happily enjoy a grande drip whenever there’s an occasion to do so, but the association should still disqualify the design immediately.

    You were wise to acknowledge and comply with the will of the nonplussed baby. The cycling gods will reward you accordingly.

  4. i LOVE the circle design, and the tilt of the front wheel, but i think the “circle logo” is a bit overdone, and the rack and fender is just so original.

    your artist does really excellent work…

  5. The fender one does have a classy vintage look, I’ll say that! Also… the circle around an image with text inside the outer circle isn’t a new look… For example, look to the right at the Adrian College logo. It’s just used… a lot.

    And no.. a venti iced caramel macchiato double-shot no-whip is thee bestest.

    *oh pssst… the chainring isn’t the same width around the circle. Didn’t know if that was intended or not?

  6. Concerning the third design, of the three, it is the one most in the draft stage. All three are subject to slight modification.

  7. Gotcha! So excited to see the finished project!!

  8. “The town of Adrian, which I hope to call home for a very long time, takes its name from the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who lived and reigned in a era and a place I study professionally. “Hadrian on a Bicycle” is for and about those who ride bikes of any sort, in any manner, for any reason.”

    IMO, since your bike group/club/blog is historically named, you should go with the oldest looking logo of the three. I vote the one with the 1950s style rack and rear fender. The one with the chain ring would look better if it actually resembled a chain ring and not just the teeth, and the top option looks cartoonish to me.