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rails to trails conservancyWe at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) have asked you several times over the last few weeks to support H.R. 4722, the Active Community Transportation Act (ACT Act) of 2010.

We’ve done so because we think that this is quite possibly the most transformative active transportation bill to come out of Congress in 20 years.

It seems many of you agree, since thousands of you have spoken up.

And it’s working! Twenty-six U.S. representatives have now committed to support this bill. Has your representative signed on yet?

If you have already acted, thank you. Please consider telling a few friends about this bill by asking them to visit http://support.railstotrails.org/ACT.

If you haven’t had a chance to take action, please speak up right now.

The timing is right. We’re building off of the momentum of the calls and visits to representatives’ offices that many of you made last week. Plus, Congress heads into a recess next week.

Help ensure your representative doesn’t forget about your community’s need for more walking and bicycling.

Thank you,

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

P.S. For more on the bill and how it would benefit communities all around the country, see www.railstotrails.org/ACT.

P.P.S. Need further proof that the tide is turning? Late last week, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issued a directive that raises the priority of active transportation across the country! Help us build off of this exciting momentum—act now!


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