fuji special road racer

John and I kicked off the ABCo-op’s inaugural projects this past Sunday. My job is little more than tuning up the Schwinn Suburban I refreshed last year. I stole the aluminum wheels I had put on it to use on the Fuji Special Tourer. So now I need to see if I can true the original steel wheels, put some fresh rubber on them, and adjust the brakes and derailleurs. I’m giving the bike to the daughter of friends for her high school graduation.

Now, John’s project, on the other hand …

… is a mid-70s Fuji Special Road Racer. The bike once belonged to John’s brother, who used to work at a bike shop. A number of years ago, it was cleaned-up and overhauled, but soon afterward it was left to gather dust in a dark corner of the barn. On Sunday, John rolled it into the shop, hoisted it onto the stand, and begin disassembly.

I cannot wait to see how this thing turns out. Check back for updates; feast your eyes on additional pictures in my Flickr photostream; or stop by and see the progress in person. “Enough of this Sunday stroll.”


3 responses to “fuji special road racer

  1. There’s just something about these older high flanged hub bikes that I find appealing…

    Someday when I’m retired with a pole barn I’ll have a place for each one I happen across.

  2. I’m with you. I salvaged a set of “Schwinn-approved” high flange hubs recently. I asked someone about building a set of wheels around them. In the course of talking about it, the guy pointed out that there wasn’t really anything special about this particular set of hubs. He’s absolutely right, of course. But all I could think is, “So? They’re wicked cool looking, and they’re already in my possession.”

    • Yea, as my wife will tell you, I spend money too easily.

      I likely don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent on “free” bike simply becouse I like the way it looks…