get your wrench on

On Sunday afternoon, after buttoning up a few last-minute things and adding some finishing touches, the shop space was completed, and work officially got underway at the Adrian Bicycle Co-op.

The workshop is absolutely fantastic. We have heat, bright lights, and music; two bikes stands (there might be a third before long) and a truing stand; parts bins and tools; and a large workbench. We plan to add, eventually, more bike-specific and specialty tools as required. I’m sure there will be other changes and additions, as we spend more time working in the shop and getting a sense of what’s needed.

I’m particularly pleased to report that we made one of the bike stands ourselves using a set of plans we found on Bike Hacks. Rather than building a free-standing floor stand, however, we opted instead to mount the rack to a heavy steel rolling bench. The plans we used called for a two foot horizontal piece. We found that a one-foot piece offers much more stability while still allowing for plenty of pedal clearance and accessibility. Meanwhile, the bench on which we mounted the stand is large enough to allow for a second stand to be added on the opposite side, and it can be pushed easily to the side of the shop when not in use.

This is going to be great. I look forward to seeing lots of local cyclists at the shop working on their bikes. Guess what? It’s located right off the Kiwanis Trail bike path.

Stay tuned for pictures of the first ABCo-op project.


2 responses to “get your wrench on

  1. Looks great, nice job! Do you have any welding equipment? ha ha