Get On Your Bike and Ride!

Spring is here!  Remember the freedom and exhilaration of your first bicycle?  Well it’s time to get on your bicycle again and enjoy the fun and fitness of riding in Lenawee County.  Learn how to get your bicycle ready to ride or learn how to purchase the best bicycle for you or your family members.

On Wednesday, Thursday, March 18,  at 7:00 PM, Jim Manley will give a short presentation on the fitness benefits of cycling, how riding your bicycle supercharges your fitness or weight loss program, and all the other benefits of riding a bicycle.  He will also discuss bicycle safety, resources and groups in Lenawee County to help you have a better ride, and answer questions you may have.  The presentation is designed for recreational and fitness riders, but especially those people interested in learning more about the sport.

The event will be held at the Christian Family Centre (Meeting Room  A), which is located at 1800 U.S. 223, Adrian, MI 49221-8439 (517.263.6232).

This event is being brought to you by The Christian Family Centre Bicycling Focus Group. Please email Jim Manley if you have questions.

If you’re thinking of attending, why not go by bike? Here are some helpful route-finding tools.


2 responses to “Get On Your Bike and Ride!

  1. Kirk Brackelman

    Hey is the meeting on Wednesday the 17th, or Thursday the 18th? I’m confused. Must be someones spring break! LOL

    • A-hem, yes, that would be Thursday, the 18th. Thank you, Mr. Brackelman.

      Sigh, what a sublime spring break it’s been. The pain of its conclusion is eased only by the fact that daylight will be with us an hour longer each day beginning tomorrow. (Well, that coupled with the fact that the Adrian Bicycle Co-op is as good as finished. More on that soon.)