repurposing Michigan roads

Anyone who rides a bicycle anywhere outside of city limits, other than on the Kiwanis Trail, knows that Michigan roads offer a rather jarring experience, to say the very least. While reading about the Paris-Roubaix Classic (e.g., here or here) engenders a good bit of awe and excitement and perhaps even a little inspiration, I cannot honestly say it’s ever produced in me any sort of longing or desire to go and do likewise. Yet, having logged a good many miles on local Michigan roads, I dare think I could handle it.

Anyway, since it appears that the DOT has very little interest in repairing these roads (and even less money were they suddenly so inclined to do so), maybe we should consider dressing things up somewhat, and in so doing help speed along the processes of entropy while giving dear Mother Nature a leg up in her effort to reclaim her ground.

Below is what I have in mind (sent to me by my one and only faithful reader). Click on the picture to learn more.

pothole garden


3 responses to “repurposing Michigan roads

  1. Even on certain bikes (a decent road bike with no suspension for example) the northern part of the trail is awfully bumpy.

    Any sunday rides scheduled/thinking about it since the weather is getting nicer?

    • Hear, hear, Daniel. It’s pretty difficult to dodge all the ruts and bumps on the northern end of the Kiwanis Trail. Hopefully, it will be resurfaced before too long.

      I haven’t heard anything definitive, yet, about resuming the Sunday afternoon and/or Wednesday evening rides, but there are rumors beginning to circulate. I suspect things will kick off maybe a week or two after the time change.

  2. Love the pothole garden. That should give the DOT the hint.