let’s save Michigan

A group called “Let’s Save Michigan” is having a poster contest, and a student from Adrian College is one of the finalists. I think her design is terrific. If you’re a resident of Michigan, please click here to cast your vote for her.

Unfortunately, there are only two designs that feature bicycles (this one and this one), which is too bad given the role bicycles might play in making our state a better one in which to live. (Actually, this one has a bicycle, too, but you have to look pretty closely to spot it.) It’s also kind of surprising considering how many of the artists advocate for things like public transportation, alternative transportation, and various forms of green energy.

The one thing that I think is often overlooked in efforts like that of the “Let’s Save Michigan” campaign, at least as those efforts are perceived and expressed by these artists, is the health of the state’s residents. Healthy people consume less and give more as a matter of course, and bicycling has tremendous health benefits.


3 responses to “let’s save Michigan

  1. I agree with you about the bikes!! I just voted for some of those posters today . . . my favorite is the one that says “buy local”.

    Anyways, back to biking… I have a shirt that says “drive less bike more”. It’s amazing how much I could save in regards to money AND the earth if I just rode my bike more. I mean, I work about 7 minutes away in the summer, so by bike, it would be maybe a 1/2 hour. I’d just have to leave a bit earlier! I’d be healthier and so would my wallet.

  2. So go for it. What’s holding you back?

    You do very nice design work, by the way. Wanna’ design a logo for Hadrian on a Bicycle or the Adrian College Cycling Club? (I’m shameless. ha ha.)

  3. LOL well it would definitely be an adventure AND a challenge to get on my bike more AND do a logo. I’m 100% booked with school and a volunteer graphic job, but come March 20th, I’m freed up. I’ve honestly never done much with logos, but what do you have in mind? Thanks for the kind words on my designs!!