working it in

Last Friday I was off from work and had full intentions of taking a ride early in the morning, but when the morning came and it looked so very cold and bleak outside, I soon developed full intentions of taking a ride during my children’s midday naps. However, when my children took their naps midday, a blanket of sleep came over the whole house to which I reluctantly (??) fell prey and just before I gave way to sleep, I consoled myself with a promise to ride in the afternoon. When the house awoke from its slumber, we swiftly decided to go out to eat as a family and I saw my opportunity to take to the roads slipping away. That’s when it hit me to think outside of the box and work it in.

As some of you might know, I partially bike commute into work by parking about 7 miles away and then cycling the rest of the way in. The beauty of a partial commute is that, depending on how far away you live, you can either extend or shorten your commuting miles. I’d been thinking of a route that would extend my commute to about 15 miles one way, but hadn’t ridden it yet. As fortune would have it, the restaurant to where we were going is close to my workplace, so I convinced my wife to drop me off at my new route’s starting point and I’d meet them to eat after trying it out. It couldn’t have worked out better. The new route is perfect (once the bike paths are completely cleared ), I wasn’t apart from the family for more than an hour and was able to justify the calories I consumed afterwards.

I guess the point is this, I love spending time with my family and I love to ride so outside of any family rides one inevitably takes time away from the other. Therefore, thinking of ways to sneak bike rides into existing schedules (i.e. commuting to work, going out to eat, shopping) allows me to pacify both loves.


2 responses to “working it in

  1. These are great examples of ways to integrate bicycling into “real” life, and they show that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

  2. Clever thinking on your part, Nathan, regarding the flexibility a partial commute gives you. That should give you even more opportunities to fit in cycling to work when you have family obligations later in the day. It almost makes me want to live farther from work! 🙂