Toward the end of December, I mentioned that a bunch of us had been talking about putting together a shop space where we could hang out and wrench on bikes (or at least talk about wrenching on bikes while we eat pizza and drink beer). Well guess what? The dream is becoming a reality. The Adrian Bicycle Co-op is taking shape.

This past Sunday, John and I picked up where others had left off a couple of weeks prior, clearing a space in the corner of Moose’s pole barn, and constructing walls. Pretty much all that’s left is to add a ceiling, and to outfit it with bike stands, tools, and vintage race posters. Then we can fire up the heater and get to work.

I really wish I had documented the process with photographs, but I failed to do so. I’ll be sure to take some the next time I’m on-site.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what rolls out of here. To be sure, it’s going to be a great thing for folks who already know each other and ride with one another to get together for the purpose of refreshing old bikes and maintaining newer ones. But I hope it will one day be more than that, too. Time will tell. Stay tuned. (And if you’re local, please drop by.)


6 responses to “ABCo-op

  1. Where is the location? I’d be interested in stopping by and chatting about old bikes and maybe get some info/tips on working on mine. Thanks!

  2. The location is classified until we’re officially up and running, mostly because Moose is bigger than I am, and he’s likely to pummel me if I post his address without permission.

    Once everything is ready to go, I’ll let everyone know, at which point all that will be required is some sort of secret handshake (or perhaps evidence of chain grease on the cuff of your pant leg).

  3. I agree with not releasing the address yet-

    “or perhaps evidence of chain grease on the cuff of your pant leg”

    now that’s not fair- what if all your bikes have chain guards? :p

  4. Oh yeah, chain guards. I hadn’t thought of that.

    All right, in that case, we’ll go with some sort of password like “wheel dishing gauge” or “internal nipple wrench.”

  5. Am I imagining things or are those pictures in the “Point of View” the early stages of a really cool bike shop man cave?

    • Spot on, my good man! Although there’s certainly nothing to say that women aren’t welcome to come and wrench on their bikes also, right?

      Indeed, the co-op is taking shape. We’re almost there. It won’t be long before we’re putting on the finishing touches (e.g., stickers on the door, beer fridge in the corner, classic race posters on the wall … that sort of thing), and then we can get down to business!