Old man winter dropped a heap of snow on us yesterday, and I was forced to hitch a ride to and from campus.  The snow continued overnight, and today, with the roads still thick with snow, the forecasters are calling for high winds and drifting. Alas, I had to thumb another ride.

I’ve known for a long time that my rides to and from campus are consistently the high points of my day. What I didn’t realize is how cranky it makes me when I don’t get my fix. And not only am I cranky; I’m also strangely disoriented, frustratingly unfocused, and highly unmotivated.

Once, while hanging out on the Mount of Olives having a chat about the end of the world, Jesus told his disciples, “Pray that it may not be in winter” (The Gospel According to Mark 13:18, NRSV). I think I finally get what it was he was talking about. Just a few sentences earlier, he told them they’d have to flee to the mountains. Clearly his concern was that they’d be forced to make the trek without their bikes!


6 responses to “cranky

  1. What Would Jesus Ride?

  2. Good question. I suspect something made in Italy. This raises another question: assuming you’d like me to be more like Jesus, am I permitted to by a new Pinarello, Colnago, or something along those lines?

  3. It’s amazing how much you can ride during the Michigan winters, village scribe. Many of us so-called cycling enthusiasts cannot force outselves to go out into the freezing cold to commute to work. Not to mention the dark.

    May I suggest walking, if it can be done safely. Not as fun, but better than being cooped up in an icky gym with too many others.

    We in New England are feeling your pain with snow we’re getting today. Perhaps your mood would be lightened by a new Italian bike. Or better yet, a cycling trip around Tuscany.

  4. I got my bike down off the rack last week once again this winter in MI. I thought to myself I am going out. I see bikers on the Kiwanis Trail every day when I walk my dog, I can brave the cold too….Yet the next day we got the dumping of snow. I looked at my bike as I got the snowblower running and thought there was not much chance of me riding before those teaser warm days in March. Guess I am a whimp 😦

  5. @bicyclegirl: Meh, walking’s for losers without bikes. (Kidding! Pray the gods not afflict me with flat tires and broken spokes many miles from home for my reckless remarks!)

    @sarawb: You’re not a wimp. That’s nonsense. The image of you gazing at your bicycle as your fired up the snowblower almost made me weepy.

  6. jesus would rescue an old bike and create some sort of miracle by which it became an old bike that could see or float or something.