Kiwanis Trail

Did you know that the Kiwanis Trail is listed on the Rails to Trails Conservancy TrailLink page? Drop by, take a look, and post a comment about the trail. While you’re there, you might even consider joining Rails to Trails Conservancy. They do great work, you know. (Besides, you’ll get a free t-shirt if you do.) You should certainly spend some time surfing around the TrailLink site. What an amazing resource for those of us who enjoy riding bike paths!

For all the bigger it is, the Kiwanis Trail is a terrific bike path. But it has so much untapped potential. The cycling community in this area (not to mention everyone else who makes use of the trail) has to start finding ways of rallying around that trail so that we can work together to see it (1) expanded and (2) further tied into the cites of Adrian and Tecumseh (and, one day, beyond).

In fact, one thing that I find really impressive about the Kiwanis Trail is how well it’s already tied into Adrian, which makes it a very practical option for getting around town by bicycle. And it is ideally positioned for further integration, particularly if the effort were implemented together with designated bike lanes.


7 responses to “Kiwanis Trail

  1. I agree that the trail is nice. It is one of the places in Len. county that a person can ride a bike comfortably without the fear of being hit by a car or a semi, etc. Here’s my take:


    -nice scenery
    -comfortable riding
    -tied into adrian well w/trestle park-thanks to an old RR line
    -PAVED (I’ve been on some that weren’t.)
    -restroom stops at the park
    -easy way to get to Tecumseh

    Needed areas of improvement:
    -Resurfacing. Road bikes+end of bike trail=rough
    -tied into Tecumseh. Why it mysteriously ends at an intersection is beyond me.
    -more branches to other places/towns/cities.

  2. Who pays for the upkeep of the trail? Today as I was on the trail a truck with a blade came down it. Is it the city? Kiwanis donations?
    Yes it is a great feature to the city.

    • On Friday, I caught up with one of the plows on the segment of bike path running between College and Maumee. According to the operator, it’s City of Adrian that clears them. So now we know.

    • I’m wondering if City of Adrian is responsible for only certain segments of the trail, and if perhaps the Parks Department is responsible for the segment that runs through Trestle Park, for example, because that leg seems hardly to be cleared at all. My ride through there this morning was downright treacherous and very slow-going.

  3. @Daniel: Good points, all. I couldn’t agree more. So the question is how do we capitalize on the “Pros” to make the “Needed areas of improvement” happen?

    @sarawb: Good question. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time, especially because it seems that more than one entity might be responsible for various areas, because sometimes the stretch through Trestle Park isn’t cleared as quickly as the rest of the path.

  4. The other day while on the Kiwanis Trail at the Johnsons Sporting Goods store area, a man stepped out the back door, inside the fenced in area of the store and shot twice. I Just about fell off my bike! Now I understand there is a shoot range sign, there is a fenced in area of the other side of the trail, but right outside the back door?? I do not know if he was shooting in the air or shooting at the mound of dirt. Either way I was right there.
    I thought about it a day and called the Sheriff today to ask is this legal? I was told I had to call when it happens and they can send an officer out asap to see what and who was in charge there. Though the officer was very helpful and understanding I did get a good answer on it it was legal.
    Any thoughts? Or should I just duck riding past there?

  5. Wow, Sarah, that’s nuts! I’m glad you called the Sheriff to inquire about the situation. I’m not surprised to learn that it’s legal, but it’s certainly no less disturbing.

    I don’t know what to say, except to recommend that anyone who encounters something like this do as the Sheriff suggests. Perhaps if the folks at the gun shop are hassled enough, they’ll think twice about doing this sort of thing.