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Adrian and the surrounding area has played host to a couple of bike clubs in the past. There was one back in the late 19th century known as the Adrian Bicycle Club, and more recently there has been the Maple Wheelers.

A number of us — e.g., Bob B. (a former Maple Wheeler), Jim M. (a local and tireless cycling advocate), and Bill D. (a former Maple Wheeler and organizer of the monthly ride calendar disseminated through this blog during the warmer months) — have been talking about reviving the Maple Wheelers into a full-fledged club serving riders in Lenawee County. I’m certain there is enough interest and a sufficient number of riders to make this both worthwhile and successful. I’m posting to see …

  1. Would you join a cycling club if one were available?
  2. What would you hope to get from an organized bicycle club?
  3. Would you be willing to pay a small membership fee, and if so what would you want to see done with that money, or what would you like to receive for that money?

I invite everyone to post comments responding to any or all of these questions. For obvious reasons, I’m most interested in hearing from local riders who might actually join such a club. But I’m also interested to hear about the experiences of others who are or have been part of a club.

If you’ll permit me a few thoughts of my own, two things I would really like to see are (1) a club that serves all riders and every style of writing riding; and (2) a club that focuses equally on events (i.e., group rides, charity rides, social gatherings, etc.), and advocacy on behalf of cycling in the area (e.g., pushing for bicycle infrastructure, like racks, path extensions, bike lanes, etc.).

Here’s a link to the Dayton Cycling Club, of which I was a member for about a year when I lived in that area. As you can see from their website, DCC is quite a robust organization with a ton to offer its membership. We’re may be a long way away from that today, but it’s not an impossibility.


4 responses to “bike club

  1. 1. yes
    2. more opportunity to ride and explore the county (or beyond). Meet fellow cyclists in the area. An organized club could better promote cycle friendly issues in the community. Could use another cool tee shirt in my pile.
    3. yes, not sure yet

  2. I do belong to a RI/MA area cycling club called the Narrgansett Bay Wheelman. I joined to go on group rides, but have yet to take advantage of this.

    The yearly cost is $15, which I usually get back in the form of 10% off cycling gear and accessories from local bike shops.

    The other advantages are online bike routes, which I used several times last year.

  3. Dayton Cycling Club members receive a 10% discount at local bikes shops, too. I had forgotten about that.

    One of the big, though somewhat intangible, payoffs for me when I was part of DCC was simply the sense of being part of “the scene,” as it were. I just enjoyed reading about all that was going on, and knowing that there was almost always a ride to join or a cycling event to attend whenever I was able to do so.

  4. I feel that a local county bike club would be wonderul and I would be very interested in the prospect of such a club. What I would want from a club? Well I would like to have designated club rides set up so we can all have a goal to meet up with each other and do some of the great rides that exsist around michigan. I would like to meet for daily workout rides with club members. I would like to see the club organize a community event/ride with the support of the local area chambers of commerce and private organizations to support a worthy cause in the area. I wouldnt mind a chart so we can submit our milage earned yearly from the rides that we go on together. And it wouldnt be a bad idea to have a yearly fee to pay for things such as website ride trailer to haul our equipment to rides and maybe even a team jersey.