rider no. 225

I’m in. My PALM registration confirmation letter finally arrived in today’s mail.

If you live in Lenawee County and will be participating in this year’s PALM, I invite you to post your rider number in the comments. The rider with the lowest number (or second lowest in the event that I have the lowest number) gets a free Team Hadrian t-shirt. That, of course, assumes I’ll one day get my act together and have some printed. Granted, given that you don’t even know what they’ll look like, the opportunity to win a free one might not be any incentive at all to post a comment with your rider number. But if nothing else, you’ll have a fresh shop rag.

By my count, around 15 or so riders from our area will be on this year’s tour. I’m not sure how many of them read this blog, but those of you who do should post a comment and spread the word.


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  1. Much to my surprise I am rider 61 as compared to last year 724 if I remember correctly.

  2. Way to go, LuAnn! That’s going to be a tough number to beat.

  3. So I guess I did not get in to the PALM ride:( As I have never received notice and my check was not cashed. Guess it was not in my cards. I joined LMB last fall, I sent in my name via email to have an application send to me and received a reply that I would be on the list. I never received an application, the neighbor brought his over to me which I mailed the same day. My post here notes it was before the 19th. I know they can not take everyone that applies. Oh well off to find another ride to give my pedals a spin too. I hope all have fun!

  4. Don’t lose hope! The PALM website indicates that everyone whose application was postmarked on or before the 19th got in. They have a heap of applications to process, so the longer you have to wait the better the chances are that you made the cut. I think they notified those who didn’t make it almost right away after registration closed.

  5. @sarawb: Did you receive your confirmation and rider number, yet? Has anyone else? Please let us know.

    I doubt anyone is going to beat LuAnn out of the free t-shirt, but I’m still very interested to get a sense of how many of us there will be on the tour from this area.

  6. still waiting, but thats good. On the PALM Blog– all applications that didn’t make the deadline have been returned.

  7. Send an email and you will be told if you are in or out. I sent an email inquiry last night, could not wait to any longer. Yes I am on the ride, got a response right back. It just is going to be while before they get to notify everyone.

  8. Will I be receiving a list of items to bring? I have a list I am shopping for on ebay, but know I will need advice also.

    • If I recall correctly, there is a suggested packing list in application packet, but it seems to me that I may have seen something elsewhere also. In any event, you should pack light, but also ensure that you have with you whatever you’ll need to be comfortable for a week of riding all day and camping in a field overnight.

      I pack a couple of jerseys and a couple pairs of riding shorts, an extra tube (in addition to the one I carry with me on the bike), a rain jacket, two or three changes of clothes for use around camp, a sleeping bag and tent, toiletries (including shower shoes) and a towel, a camera, something to read, sunscreen, sunglasses, chamois butter, and ibuprofen.

  9. Sarahwb, I will be doing my 8thPalm, could be 9th , can’t remember , but at any rate like the village scribe said pack kinda light . I have two bags one to hold my clothes and the other the tent and sleeping bag . The lighter you are the better to load it on the truck , and you may have a good distance to drag it for a campsite .What he says is pretty much it . This is a good ride .

  10. With so many of us still waiting for our confirmation letters and rider numbers, what do you say to offering up a Team t-shirt for the rider with the highest #. It’ll be interesting to see how many of us get #’s over 700.

  11. Ah, our own little version of calvinball, eh? Very well, then, highest number wins a t-shirt also. (Now, where to find the cash to subsidize this little contest, as it spirals out of control…?)

  12. Has anything else been mailed besides the letter of conformation for the PALM ride? I am rider #449. Another rider asked me in passing if I had received my package for PALM. I did not think of it being anything more then the letter, but figured I should ask.

  13. Nope; all you’ll receive by mail is the letter. Once you arrive at the event, you’ll receive your t-shirt, patch, rider number flag, route maps and cue sheets, and a booklet highlighting things to do en route and at the various stops.

  14. Finally got our ride numbers, 630-634.

  15. Super, wow that took along time to get your numbers. I am riding as daily as I can, barring the weather really. I have logged close to 300 miles this month, that’s good for me. I have done a few 30 mile rides and feel just fine, so soon I will kick it up to a few 50 mile rides. I have never done a ride like PALM before so want to be prepared as possible. I have gotten a nice front bag and a back rack and bag so far.
    The tenting and camping part is something I have never done, so I guess I am putting those purchases off still.

    • 300 miles this month! That’s terrific, Sarah! Way to go. If you’re regularly riding 30 miles, and can do so without trouble on consecutive days, you’re already in suitable shape for PALM. If you raise it to 50 miles, you definitely aren’t going to have any trouble.

      It might be possible via this blog to find someone willing to share a tent with you, so you can save some money. If you have to purchase a tent or anything else, check out http://www.campmor.com/.