news to me (FTC disclaimer)

Apparently the Federal Trade Commission put into effect, as of  December 1, 2009, a rule requiring bloggers to post a disclaimer concerning any products they review, basically fessing up if you have received the product for free and/or have been paid to review it.

It’s funny to imagine (a) that anyone would ever care enough about my opinion to give me something for free to review it, much less pay me to do so, or (b) that a group like the FTC would ever get wind of my silly little blog and pay it one bit of attention. Nevertheless, because I don’t care to risk serving time that could be better spent riding, or paying fines with money that could be better spent at the bike shop (to say nothing of leaving my children fatherless and unfed), here’s my disclaimer:

  • Unless otherwise explicitly stated, I purchased this product with my own money (or received it as a gift from someone else who purchased it thus), and I am reviewing it as a service to my readers (and often because I couldn’t think of anything else to write about).
  • If there is a company out there that would like to give me something free of charge in exchange for a review, far be it from me to refuse your kindness and generosity.  However, please know that gratis goods shall not function as bribes guaranteeing a favorable review. My reviews will always reflect my own opinions and judgments, and will be written with regard to my audience as I know and imagine it.
  • Never have I received, nor will I ever accept, payment for a review.


One response to “news to me (FTC disclaimer)

  1. I should totally echo that. I wouldn’t be bribed to post about something. If the product stunk… well, it stunk. That’s why I’m reviewing it, right? And yeah … I’m going to do a post about my MacBook Pro eventually. And I’m not going to “fess up that I was paid to do the review” that I “got it for free”. Because I didn’t. I paid for it, and the payment I put out for it was 100% worth it. Why should it matter that someone was paid to do a review or got it free? SO WHAT!? More regulation that’s all. More rules, means more to be broken.