less than a century

Fantastic news: it’s been less than a week and I’m already within $95 of my initial goal of $500 for the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. It appears certain that I’ll have to increase it. To all those who have donated on my behalf, THANK YOU! For everyone else, I have three thoughts:

  1. This will be the 209th post on this blog. If any one of them has made you laugh, or inspired you to ride, or provided you with any sort of useful information, would you consider chipping in a dollar for the cause to say thanks? (You know, right, that I procrastinate on an awful lot of real work and shirk endless responsibilities in order to ensure that this blog maintains its unparalleled level of literary brilliance and timeless relevance?)
  2. TEAM HADRIAN (which is presently #6 in the listing of top-ten teams by division) is looking for new members. A team can consist of as few as two members, but the Tour de Cure organizers really prefer that every team have at least five riders. Are you a reader of this blog who lives within an hour of Brighton, MI? Why not consider joining Team Hadrian and riding with us? Registration is only $15, and the minimum fundraising requirement is a mere $150. (Of course, as team captain, I would like to set our team goal at $250 per team member.)
  3. Finally, if you’re local but simply can’t or don’t want to ride, why not consider serving as a volunteer? A variety of options are available. It’s a terrific way to be part of the excitement and to contribute meaningfully to the good work being done. Click here to download the Volunteer Form.

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